Where is the Reset Button?

I woke up this morning with a toothache, my heel spur is killing me, and I’m stuck here waiting for a plumber to fix my toilet, which yesterday started leaking from the bottom.

I need to re-start this whole week. If it’s this bad by Monday morning, what’s it gonna be like by Friday?

Comment on the news: Does Pope Francis honestly expect the assorted dictators, assassins, Muslims, communists, and crony capitalists who run the nations of the world to redistribute wealth, rescue the poor, and create “equality”? And they call me a fantasy writer!

I certainly wouldn’t trust Obama, Pelosi, and Reid to do it, or McCain, Ryan, and Boehner–and that’s in my own country. Much less would I want to farm the job out to the varmints who govern places like North Korea, Zimbabwe, China, and so on.

What is wrong with the pope, that such a crackbrained notion would even enter his head?

The boys in the Vatican had better watch him very closely, or he’ll wind up buying the Brooklyn Bridge.

7 comments on “Where is the Reset Button?

  1. Yeah, for sure. Sounds as if he is as misguided as Rick Warren and a lot of other kooks. Best just stick to the Scriptures and let the rest of the stuff sail on by. Just my opinion.

  2. The global Catholic Church is rotten to the core. The world falls apart before us and nobody has their mind on things above. Focus on testifying and preaching the gospel to any open ear. This is our mission.

    One Love

    1. Half of my family is Catholic, and I have been well loved by them. I don’t think the RC Church has cornered the market on corruption. Half the Protestant clergy are saying the same silly things this pope says.

  3. If the Pope is serious maybe he should start by redistributing the Vatican’s great wealth first, but of course it’s always easier when you want to redistribute someone else’s money.

  4. What would happen if God “reset’ the church!?

    A little would do a lot and the rich could keep their money.

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