What’s Wrong With Our Cops?

If you read yesterday’s post, the collection of wacko quotes by psychiatrists and psychologists concerning the purposes of public education, it might have raised some further questions in your mind.

Remember, back in May, when a teacher in Oregon called the police on a kid who was playing “hangman”? (Reported here on May 17; original report, http://toprightnews.com/?p=3119 ) A few days after that, I was asking “How Do Teachers Learn to be Kooks?” in the May 20 post on this blog.

Well, if they’re being trained by people like those psychiatrists and psychologists we cited yesterday, it’s not so strange that they would totally freak out over a child’s harmless guessing-game.

But it is strange that the local police, when the teacher called them to come and bust a child for playing hangman… actually came!

I’d understand if they only came to the school to take the teacher to a private place and teach her not to waste their time. But no–having responded to this inane call in the first place, they went on to “interrogate” the kid who was playing hangman.

What is this? I mean, the cops didn’t go to teachers’ college. Who taught them to take hysteria seriously? Who taught them to lean on and terrorize some little kid who wasn’t doing anything wrong?

But it’s getting so that’s the only thing some cops are good for, anymore. They can’t catch the  bad guys, crooks just laugh at them–but oh, boy! If there’s a bake sale or a game of hangman going down, they’re on it!

Do any of our institutions still work, or has liberalism destroyed them all?

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    1. Back when I was in school, if a teacher had ever gone so wacky as to call the police because a kid was playing hangman, they would’ve carted her off in a straitjacket.

      But I read of an incident in England, four or five years ago, in which four police officers were sent out after a 9-year-old who had called another kid “gay” during a playground argument.

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