Your Public Education Dollars at Work

Here’s what’s left of one of them…

I keep running into these people who say the human race was sort of custom-crafted by wise beings, Annunaki, who came from Orion.

Given that the USA spends more on public education in a year than the entire Gross Domestic Product of many a fair-sized country, you’d kind of expect results that are somewhat better than ridiculous.

The Annunaki crowd is all over the Internet. Believe it or not, there’s one character who thinks centaurs may have been real, after all–the result of a bio-engineering project by the Annunaki, seeking to hybridize humans and horses to create a race of super-warriors…

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How much public money was spent on this person’s so-called “education”?

No one dares give us a figure for the annual cost of public education in America. Back in Ronald Reagan’s time, they were guessing that it was well over half a trillion bucks a year, at least. That was way before there were any $100.000+-a-year schoolteachers retiring at 55 with lifetime pensions.

And still they crank out people who can’t understand that there’s no such place as “Orion”! It’s a constellation! It doesn’t really exist! The pattern of those stars isn’t even really a pattern at all–it only looks that way to us because we happen to be viewing it from Earth.Those three stars in Orion’s belt aren’t really all lined up in space. They are inconceivably far apart. They only look like they’re lined up in a row!

If there is no such place as Orion, then it is not possible that any superhuman Space Brothers could have come from there.

“Huh? You mean the Annunaki didn’t create the centaurs? Like, the centaurs were just there like the other animals?”

So you’re living at home with Mom, can’t find a job, and you’ve got a degree in Women’s Studies and $100,000 in student debt (heckuva kick-start, that, don’tcha think?)… and for all that education, you still can’t recognize sheer twaddle when you see it?

They reproduce. They vote. Eeeeyaaaah!

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