Britain Moves to Abolish Adulthood

Hey, what if your brain was aging faster than the rest of you? Uh-oh–dementia’s just around the corner, right?

Well, they’re gonna do something about it–in England, at least. As the Telegraph put it yesterday, “The new system of screening, devised by Public Health England (PHE) means patients will be told how their brain is aging, compared to those with healthier lifestyles, in a bid to shock them into changing their ways” ( ).

Well, gee, what’s wrong with that?

“Officials behind the idea say they hope the warning will encourage people to make major changes in their lifestyle, which will reduce their chance of dementia. But critics said the plans were ‘heavy-handed and intrusive’ and would frighten millions of people–without giving them an accurate forecast of their true risk of dementia [emphasis added].”

This new scientific technique–lying to people to get them to do what you want them to do, because, after all, it’s really good for them and they’re just too stupid to appreciate your wisdom–was first given respectability in the Great Global Warming Hoax, and is now spreading throughout science. It has been borrowed from politics.

Remember how I asked, a few days ago, at what point will these people feel they have enough power over us, and won’t want any more? And the answer was, of course, that they will never, never reach that point. They will never have enough.

I guess the British government could say to its people, “Well, you leeches and deadbeats, you’ve made us responsible for your healthcare, so you’d jolly well better do as we say! If you think we’ll sit idly by while you all develop dementia because you didn’t run laps and do push-ups when we told you to, you’d better think again!”

And so the English people, once one of the great nations of the earth, are reduced to perpetual childhood by their own government and its hired Experts. Eat this, don’t eat that. You can’t smoke anymore. Hands off that cupcake! Get up from the couch, you lazy sod, and run 15 laps around the block.

That’s where they’re heading.

And we, poor fools, are right behind them.

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  1. Yes, the decline of the English Empire to what it is today is one of the sorriest and saddest stories in human history. All their social engineering will end in complete failure. Maybe when they hit bottom they will come to their senses and try freedom – or maybe they are past the point of no return and will be subjugated to Islam and its Sharia law.

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