Freezing, Freezing Everywhere…

So this morning, according to the National Weather Service, all 50 states–yup, all 50, even Florida and Hawaii–experienced below-freezing temperatures ( ). And in a lot of those states it was freakin’ cold. Not to mention five feet of snow over Buffalo, NY.

Once again, we’re freezing our kiesters off while libs ‘n’ progs and assorted Democrat zombies flap their jaws about Global Warming. Their king, er, president, Barack Hussein Ebola, has threatened to enact all sorts of “climate change” decrees via executive order, and defies the new Republican majority in Congress to try and stop him.

Can it be that these idiots, these Stalinist wannabes, truly can’t tell the difference between hot and cold? While it’s 8 degrees outside and all the normal people are shivering, does the Democrat cry out, “Aargh, I’m roasting!” and throw open all his living room windows? But there they are, the bunch of them still left in the Senate, vowing to stop the Keystone Pipeline and any other action that might threaten to increase imaginary Global Warming.

If Al Gore and his celebrities-I-never-heard-of marching band really, truly believed in Global Warming, would they be flying all around in private jets, riding limousines, living in gigantic mansions, and personally creating “carbon footprints” the size of Mount Rushmore?

Obviously they don’t believe it, or they wouldn’t behave the way they do. And “climate scientists” don’t believe in it, or they wouldn’t lie, refuse to debate, and cry out for dissenters to be jailed.

No, the only ones who still believe in Global Warming are stupid academics and their intellectually defenseless students, and a scattering of Democrat voters. Everybody else knows the difference between hot and cold, understands perfectly well that “warming” doesn’t mean you’re frozen half-solid, and has relegated the issue of “Climate Change” to those back burners where they keep the problem of alien abductions, Elvis living in disguise, and “How many genders are there, really?”

I almost hope Ebola Man carries out his threat to run off a whole bunch of executive orders on “Climate Change.”

It may force his removal on grounds of mental incapacity.

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  1. Once these brain dead personages take a stand on a large, well published issue, pride and arrogance will not allow any admission of error on their parts. It is impossible for some people to back down one inch; and therefore, many will stand at the judgment seat and be damned rather than repent while there is still time. The same mind set will not allow these fools to just admit they missed the truth when it knocked their ears down a notch.

  2. I’m not so sure. At this point I think Obama could beat up a baby on live TV and still get away with it.

  3. Yes, have you seen the video where he is declaring that “ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern themselves, and that to establish order, there must be a strong sovereign…?” that was shown on German news, nothing in the US.

  4. Just revisiting and thought I would comment. The reason fifty states had snow in November was the result of the “Bering Bomb,” a superstorm that was the strongest ever to hit the North Pacific – the strongest ever in the Bering Sea (where they film “Deadliest Catch,” an area accustomed to such weather) – and one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, to hit the coast of Alaska. It had the lowest barometer reading in the Pacific’s recorded history. This storm was twice the size of Superstorm Sandy and called for the evacuation of several Alaskan towns (thankfully sparsely populated). On the west coast, this was a big story and all over our news. Once that superstorm curled up into northern Canada, it fanned all the cold air south and blasted us as far south as Florida. This is an example of why “Global Warming” is being renamed as “Climate Change”: the complications create confusing results. The year 2014 is on track to be the warmest year in the planet’s history.

    1. Oh, please. Thousands of low-temperature records were broken during 2014, and the day after that was announced, the Liars Club at the UN proclaims 2014 the hottest year ever. Their data is garbage, and the truth is not in them.

      I’ve asked you this before, and I’ll ask you again:

      Why, if they believe the stuff they’re telling us, do all these glorious leaders of ours still fly around in private jets at the drop of a hat, live in enormous mansions, consuming more electricity than an average town, and ride in stretch limousines, creating “carbon footprints” of titanic size?

      And why do “climate scientists” conceal and suppress data that doesn’t tell them what they want to hear, overemphasize other data, lobby politically to have funds denied to every scientist who doesn’t dance to their tune, and actually admit to telling lies because “it’s in a good cause”?

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