$35 Million Study Counsels Cops to Close Their Eyes


New York City police have been advised, when dealing with irate, possibly berserk, members of the public, to take a deep breath and close their eyes ( http://nypost.com/2015/02/23/cops-instructed-to-close-eyes-during-tense-situations/ ).

This sage advice is part of a “smart policing” program to retrain members of the NYPD. We’ve warned you about liberals using the word “smart.” The program has been mandated by Sandinista wannabe Mayor “Bill de Blasio” (not his real name) and has cost New York taxpayers $35 million.

So, officer, the next time you’re confronted by a crack-head waving a knife at you, just take a deep breath and shut your pretty eyes. I’ve seen a lot of drivers do this in a tense situation on the highway, and it works wonders. It’s also great advice for surgeons, jet pilots, and professional boxers.

Government by “progressive” pea-brains–how lucky can you get?

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