My Newswithviews Column, Oct. 1 (‘They’ve Just Got to Control Us’)

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What a role model for our time!

Someday our posterity, presuming we have won, will wonder why we didn’t kick up more of a fuss when utopian liberal tyrants took away our freedoms. What could we possibly say to defend ourselves?

They’ve Just Got to Control Us

Ooh-ooh, there’s germs in the environment! Face masks forever! No more public gatherings, except for riots–riots are always permitted.

The future is going to ask us, “You let yourselves by tyrannized by those morons–because of a germ?” And I don’t know how we’d answer that.

Tearing Down the Cross

Chinese Christian churches face new threats as state religious ...

You know they want to do it here.

This is the only nooze I’ll report today. I haven’t got the heart for more.

When I read the line, “The latest enforcement measures have included removal of the cross from churches,” my fear was that this was happening here, in America. But no: this is the latest from Red China.

For reasons that sane people cannot understand, the Chinese communist state has decided on a “crackdown on religious practice”–and this involving government-sanctioned churches belonging to the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association: that part of the Church that has committed itself to compromise with communism. It’s happening all over the mainland; and the priests in those churches are complying because they’re afraid that if they don’t, their churches will be demolished or converted to secular use.

The government has imposed “strict new regulations concerning religion,” and failure to comply can result in destruction of the church.

This is what happens when you get into bed with the devil. And so we have “teams of young people” removing crosses from the outside and the inside of churches.

Does any of this sound sickeningly familiar? “Stop trying to hold services, or we’ll tear down your church!” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (real name, Warren Wilhelm Jr.) threatened to close down non-compliant churches and synagogues “permanently.” Yes, he said “permanently” ( That was back in March. Since then, police–Herod’s men–have broken up church services and harassed churchgoers in several cities throughout the United States.

American leftists, apparently including a number of Democrat mayors and governors, admire communist China and would like to impose its system on our country.

They must be defeated, and communism must be destroyed.

And if we don’t do it, God will.

New York City Dems: Scrap Programs for ‘Gifted and Talented’

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I don’t know why, but I can’t reproduce de Blasio’s picture here, it just won’t take. What is he–a vampire? So I had to go with the next most applicable image.

The Bill de Blasio (not his real name) regime in New York City, led by the one-time Sandinista wannabe, wants to get rid of the city’s special high schools and other programs for gifted and talented students (

See if you can follow this logic.

“Gifted and talented” programs must be abolished in the interests of “diversity.” See, those special schools are not “diverse” enough: way too many Asians, not enough blacks, etc. It’s unfair to treat students differently based on their differing abilities. The only way to achieve “diversity is… to insist they’re all the same and treat them all the same.

The city’s School Diversity Advisory Group, appointed by Mayor de Blasio or whatever his name is, said the gifted and talented programs “perpetuate racial inequality” and went on to say there are way too many kids rated as gifted and talented–35% of the students qualify, under standards currently in use. Honk if you understand that.

Do you think socialist regimes like gifted and talented people? If you do, go back three spaces and try again. Do you think they want gifted and talented people running around loose–and asking questions?

What has our country done, that this curse of “diversity” has fallen on our heads? For what sin is this our punishment? What have we done to deserve being governed by suck wicked idiots?

My Newswithviews Column,Jan. 17 (‘Demolishing America’)

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If you voted for any Democrat in the last election, here’s another close-up look at what you voted for. It’s distressing that any of these monsters got elected at all.

They’re certainly not bothering to conceal their true intentions anymore, unless you want to count Elizabeth Warren slurping beer as she imitates a human being.

New York Mayor: Wealth ‘Is in the Wrong Hands’

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This is what you voted for???

In his annual State of the City speech this weekend, New York City Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr., dba “Bill de Blasio,” said New York’s wealth is “in the wrong hands” and vowed to redistribute it ( Once a Sandinista, always a Sandinista.

Yessirreebob, said the man with two names: “There’s plenty of wealth in this city. It’s just in the wrong hands.” I know this sounds like a satire, but it’s not.

The mayor proposed to require paid vacations for “most” private-sector employees–if you really need an explanation of why that’s such a bad idea, shame on you–and to “seize buildings” from “scofflaw landlords.” Always so much better to have them in the hands of scofflaw politicians.

When Themistocles was elected General of Athens, Aristides dropped him a subtle hint: “The really excellent thing in a general, Themistocles, is to keep the money from sticking to his fingers.”

How many public officials in de Blasio’s New York can follow that advice? Mr. Wilhelm’s speech contained no mention of the corruption that has been endemic in his administration.

Once upon a time America had too much self-respect even to consider adopting the follies and the sins of socialism.

But now we don’t.

You Can’t Kill the Rapist?

Why is this man smiling? Busted another law-abiding citizen who dared defend himself, have you, Bill? All in a day’s work for any liberal.

Front-page news in New York City today: a man has been charged with manslaughter for killing an intruder who tried to rape his wife ( ).

The attacker broke into the couple’s apartment and attacked the wife, punching her, tearing at her clothes. Her screams brought her husband running to the rescue, prudently grasping a tire iron. This he used to beat the intruder to death.

So now he’s the criminal? This is too much, even for Bill de Blasio’s New York. The bad guy broke in his door and attacked the wife, and the husband who defended her is a criminal?

But then liberal rulers always favor criminals over law-abiding people. Always.

I doubt this man has much to fear from any jury, unless they can somehow collect a jury full of rapists. But as Ezra Levant says, the process is the punishment. By the time this ordeal is over, the husband will have been put through hell.

P.S.–And what is journalism coming to? Dig this quote from one of the news articles on the Internet: “after he beat a man who tried to rape his wife to death with a tire iron.” Another fine product of university journalism courses.

$35 Million Study Counsels Cops to Close Their Eyes

New York City police have been advised, when dealing with irate, possibly berserk, members of the public, to take a deep breath and close their eyes ( ).

This sage advice is part of a “smart policing” program to retrain members of the NYPD. We’ve warned you about liberals using the word “smart.” The program has been mandated by Sandinista wannabe Mayor “Bill de Blasio” (not his real name) and has cost New York taxpayers $35 million.

So, officer, the next time you’re confronted by a crack-head waving a knife at you, just take a deep breath and shut your pretty eyes. I’ve seen a lot of drivers do this in a tense situation on the highway, and it works wonders. It’s also great advice for surgeons, jet pilots, and professional boxers.

Government by “progressive” pea-brains–how lucky can you get?