Did This Picture Come Out (I Hope)?


If you are not seeing a picture of a wooly mammoth, then I have lost my newly-acquired skill of posting pictures on this blog.

If you are seeing the picture, enjoy it! Try to imagine this fellow walking past your living room window while John Kerry is on TV babbling about Global Warming.

6 comments on “Did This Picture Come Out (I Hope)?

  1. If the Woolly Mammoth walked past, I think I’d feel a bit like Sam Gamgee when he saw the oliphaunt.
    “What a life! But no one back home will believe me.”

    And then I would have to decide whether I wanted to follow it, or hide and hope it didn’t smash my house (accidentally or on purpose).

  2. Where was that photo taken?

    Its amazing how many people look at me as some sort of kook when I tell them that where we live, (Mich) there was a mile thick sheet of ice only 12,000 years ago. And then, that when it melted sea level rise was 300 feet. – Probably global warming caused by cave men burning mammoth dung.

    1. The “photo,” of course, is only an artistic creation.

      Now, we must be careful not to rule out the possibility that cave men had SUVs, air conditioning, and toilet paper, and also refused to pay a carbon tax. That’s how Global Warming gets done.

      Seriously, though–despite an abundance of physical evidence (ice cores, frozen mammoths, cave art, scratches on the rocks, etc.), no one can say how the Ice Ages started in the first place: or, more accurately, how the ice piled up, advanced, withdrew, and then came again, several times over.

      But I think we can be pretty sure that no amount of big overbearing government could have prevented it.

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