Now That’s a Nightmare!

The best our ruling class can do?

Obviously I waded too far and too deep into politics this week, because I had a freakin’ dream about it.

I dreamed John Kerry was the supreme ruler of the country, president for life, and that the day was John Kerry Day, celebration required by law. Make sure they see you celebrating, or else!

Sad but true: there are any number of politicians, presidential wannabes, every bit as horrible as Kerry–it would take all day just to list them. True, not all of them want to help Iran develop nuclear weapons: that’s a Kerry & Obama project. But I can’t believe there’s a Democrat alive who would positively balk at it.

Our country needs rescuing from the Democrat Party. We did not find it, this Election Day.

I pray God to provide it.

Kerry: Too Many People!

US Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry delivers a speech at the Congress centre during the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos on January 17, 2023. (Photo by Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP) (Photo by FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP via Getty Images)

(Somebody take away his tana leaves!)

This man has been dissing the United States since the 1970s and has been rewarded with fabulous wealth and high positions in government–America’s answer to The Mummy, John Kerry.

Now The Regime’s “climate change czar,” Kerry sez there are already too many people for The Planet to support and it’s only gonna get worse, 10 billion of us by mid-century and it just ain’t Sustainable, we gotta Do Something about it… blah-blah-blah (

He recommends that all us plebs adopt “behavioral change to stem population growth.” Let the Government Experts draw up our menu for the day. World Economic Forum wants all to go Vegan, although Kerry says that might not be necessary–we can always eat this artificial meat grown in the lab–in Wuhan, perhaps? We can also eat bugs. And not have cars. Or gas stoves. Or air conditioning in our homes.

He dreams up all this **** while cruising around in his private jet.

How much longer before our global ruling class forthrightly comes out as cannibals? Jonathan Swift thought he was exaggerating; but maybe he thought wrong.

Kerry Babbles: There’s Too Much Food Being Produced!

John Kerry says US farmers must radically transform food production to meet 'net zero' emissions goals by 2030

A mummy in search of a pyramid

Gee, remember “world hunger”? John Kerry doesn’t. No: the ambulatory mummy, now SloJo”s “Climate Czar,” sez we gotta “radically transform food production” if we’re ever gonna hit the goal of Net Zero ( I think Net Zero was in a Japanese monster movie, but don’t quote me.

Yowsah, yowsah, forget about “Climate Change”–we’ve got a Climate Crisis, Kerry babbles. And we’d better solve it pronto, because… “15 million people a year are dying” from Global Warming/Climbit Chainge. What crap.

His solution: us plebs had better get used to doing without household amenities like gas stoves and eating s*** grown in the lab… and bugs! Lots of bugs. While he shambles into his private jet and takes off for Davos for another bowl of nightingale tongues.

Man, I was in high school when this gork started pissing on our country. He’s been at it ever since. Democrats keep giving him high posts in the government. They only do it because they hate us.

Yeah, yeah, hum baby! Let’s cut back on the world’s food supply! We can make it up with bugs and grass and tree bark. But again, that’s only for us common people.

When do we get to boot this evil shyster out of America forever?

Kerry: Confiscate Farms

Too bad it wasn’t a vacuum cleaner.

How to capture, in words, the hypocritical vileness that is John Kerry? I’m not sure I can; but maybe his own words can.

This America-hating Far Left fossil, who was almost president once, says the federal government just might have to confiscate farmlands and put the farmers out of business… To Save The Planet From Climate Change, of course (

Nope, confiscating farms is definitely “Not off the table,” the crawling worm said at the ongoing “Climate Summit.” Under one scenario he entertained, farmers would either have to sell their land to the government or be removed by force.

This is why we have the Second Amendment, our God-given right to bear arms. Take the land from my cold, dead fingers, Lurch!

Oh, but they’ll sic the military on us!

And maybe the military, rather than make war on their families and neighbors, might just turn around and bite The Government in the ass.

Listen, Lurch. I don’t care what they do in Holland or anywhere else in Europe. We have a Constitution that says you cannot do that here. What you need is a damned good flogging, confiscation of all your assets in America, and perpetual banishment–if you come back, we shoot you.

St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland.

Who will drive them out of Washington?

[P.S.–Yes, I know the equation: No farms = No food= Human race dies out. That’s probably not off the table, either.]

Kerry: ‘Create Demand’ for Stuff the Plebs Don’t Want

13 Controversial Photos That Ended or Threatened Political Careers

Wind-surfing his way into your wallet

While we’re waiting (and waiting and waiting…) to find out how last week’s election turned out, and how much of our country the Democrats stole this time, a former presidential candidate, Odious John Kerry, has been huddling with his globalist pals to find more ways to stick it to normal people.

His idea, which he let slip out the other day, is to “create demand signals in the market where they don’t exist” (

That is to say, manipulate people into thinking they want such goodies as electric cars costing more than your house, fake meat grown in labs, biscuits and cookies made from powdered crickets, etc., etc.

We are governed by people who despise us and hate us, and John Kerry’s one of them.

Energy Breakthrough! Hot Air

New climate envoy John Kerry sold off energy holdings to avoid conflict of  interest, disclosures show - ABC News

In an experiment conducted secretly at Camp David this past Saturday, Climate Czar and former Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry successfully inflated a hot air balloon which lifted a 750-pound payload–an upright piano.

The balloon, with the piano attached, floated away until it developed a leak and came down over Virginia’s Dismal Swamp. There is now a piano standing in the heart of Dismal Swamp.

How did Kerry inflate the balloon? “It was incredibly easy!” he exulted. “I just recited my standard Save The Planet From Climate Change speech, the same speech I gave at the World Economic Forum–and up she went! In fact, we were a little scared the balloon might burst before I finished!”

“It’s a breakthrough!” chortled Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). “In one swell foop we have erased the need for fossil fuels! Who knew? I’ll bet one of my speeches can fertilize a whole field of kudzu!” In fact, there is already a 1,200-acre kudzu field nourished by one of Schumer’s speeches.

According to a reliable source, the government will now use balloons to plant pianos in swamps all around the country. The cost of the project will be covered by “only a very small tax increase,” said the new presidential adviser, the Easter Bunny.


My Newswithviews Column, March 3 (‘Viva Yo!’)

Big Ego | Big ego, Vector design, Ego

Not only do they enrich themselves at our expense, snatching the food out of our mouths so they can have private jets. They’re also convinced that they’re entitled to it.

“Viva Yo!”

“Viva yo!” means “Long live me! I come first! Out of my way!” It is the credo of our ruling class–which includes our celebrities and academics, in case you haven’t noticed. They want the rest of us to stand in awe of them. ‘Cause they’re on TV! And they wouldn’t be on TV unless they were way better than us! You’re not on TV, are you?

God help us.

Kerry: War ‘Distracts’ from Climbit Change

Senator John Kerry "Bunny Suit" photos

Can you say “doofus”?

John Kerry, who in 2004 was almost added to our country’s prize-winning collection of dopes who became president, is highly cheesed off about those goldurned Russians invading Ukraine–because a shooting war (dammit!) takes attention away from imaginary Climbit Chainge.

Is our entire ruling class populated by lying idiots? How in the world is our republic supposed to survive this?

Who has the space to list all the blunders made by this alleged administration (Kerry is its “climate czar”)? They can’t even get cargo ships unloaded. And let’s not forget how they created massive inflation by shutting down the Keystone Pipeline–to say nothing of the way they’ve ruptured our southern border.

If we all repented really hard, and in all sincerity, do you think we could get some leaders who aren’t a threat to our existence?

‘Davos Wing-Ding Under Way’ (2017)

Jackalope, Royalty-free Jackalope Vector Images & Drawings | Depositphotos®

Ah, the World Economic Forum! A time for globalist golems to get together and plot against our freedom.

Davos Wing-ding Under Way

This one, of course, was pre-COVID. They hadn’t yet realized they could actually lock down the whole world’s economy–just as if the whole place were s giant prison!

They want global government so bad, they can taste it. With themselves in charge, of course. Always with themselves at the tippy-top of the pyramid.

Let’s pray that this is the year the whole woke booshwa collides with oblivion.

18 Ships Stuck in Ice

So much for Climbit Chainge and Global Warming: an early Arctic ocean freeze has trapped 18 ships in ice off the coast of Russia, in five different locations (

Solar activity is down, as happens naturally from time to time, leading to cooler temperatures here on earth. This is not something that governments, no matter how much power they grab at our expense, can do anything about. Your SUVs and your use of toilet paper don’t affect what happens on the sun.

King Canute the Great once stood on the beach and commanded the tide not to come in. It didn’t listen. He did this to demonstrate the limitations of his kingly power.

Nowadays John Kerry gives climate-change speeches to expand those limitations; but the tide is still not listening.

Nevertheless, libs and statists worldwide keep trying to enslave us based on their ridiculous promises to protect us from bad weather. They’ve had more success at this when they scare us all with COVID stories. The goal is total domination.

Nature isn’t listening. And why should we?