Lefty Loons Try to Take Over Science Fiction


Not even the realm of science fiction is safe from being commandeered as a battleground in the Culture War–as usual, because lefty loons got there first and tried to take it over, lock, stock, and barrel. Well, at least they’d made a pretty good start at taking over science fiction’s annual Hugo Awards–until they ran into some unexpected pushback from science fiction writers ( http://thefederalist.com/2015/04/08/the-hugo-awards-culture-wars/ ).

Unlike, say, the Oscars, thousands of SF fans vote on the Hugos. All you have to do is go to a certain convention, pay a small membership fee, and you’re eligible to vote for the Hugo Awards.

This made it easy for ordinary people to join in the fun: very democratic. But it also made it easy for radical ideologues to organize and lobby so that only writers who had a reliably loopy left-wing political slant could ever win an award.

But after a while conservatives in the science fiction world cottoned on to what was happening, and counter-organized–

With such success that the 2015 Hugo nominations provoked a loud and anguished outcry from the usual gang of idiots. Sexism! Racism! Ho-mo-phobia! Too many white males! There oughta be a law! Do-over, do-over!

How the conservatives accomplished this makes very interesting reading. Consult the link to the article in The Federalist.

Again we see that, to the alleged mind of the progressive, no sphere of activity is immune to being swallowed up by politics. Everything, and they do mean everything, must be made into a vehicle to push the earthly paradise that will surely be ours, once the whoopee crowd has all the power and has utterly crushed and extirpated every vestige of opposition or dissent.

Not to mention the collateral pleasure of spoiling other people’s fun. How dare they enjoy their science fiction! Oh, we’ll fix them! Arise, you victims of oppression…

But this time it looks like the good guys have won.

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