‘You’re Still a Racist’

There are churches that aren’t worthy of the name; and I think the most unworthy of them all is The United Church of Christ (UCC).

Recently on its Facebook page, the UCC–which some ignorant noozie described as “a major mainline Protestant denomination,” lol–counseled its couple dozen members to “Listen when people call you on your microaggressions” and to “Recognize that you’re still a racist, no matter what” ( http://dailycaller.com/2016/06/07/united-church-of-christ-all-whites-are-racist-no-matter-what/ ). That only applies if you’re white, of course. All white people are racists.

This major flat-line denomination is also gung-ho for homosexual pseudo-marriage and “gay” pastors, and all the rest of that stuff that drives sane people out of these perpetually shrinking sects. So a spot of race-hustling is hardly out of place.

Someday, if there is anyone around to write the history of this lamentable age, we may learn just how much damage these shabby excuses for churches have done to America.

And if that’s a microaggression, then let me make it a little less micro and a little more macro:

You people are false prophets and evil shepherds, who daily take God’s name in vain, your church is a false church, and unless you repent and change your ways, you’re in for a most uncomfortable Eternity.

Exec Order Bans… Mr. Potato-Head

This classic children’s toy was first brandcd racist in Rhode Island in 2000 ( http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/chatterbox/2000/09/is_mr_potato_head_racist.html ).

Breaking News: Now, by Presidential Executive Order No. 33,478,609, the federal government will confiscate all Mr. Potato-Head sets, new and old.


“It was bad enough that Mr. Potato-Head, ever since he was invented in 1949, spread and promoted racism,” said White House spokesperson Valerie Schlemozzle. “But now we know that Mr. Potato-Head also spreads homophobia, Climate Change Denial, Gender Change Denial, cissexism, and ableism. And the President has decided, Enough is enough!”

Starting the week of May 1, Attorney General Loretta Lynch explained, anyone found in possession of a Mr. Potato-Head toy will be shot.

“Our president knows he has but a little time left in office, and his wrath is very great,” said Ms. Lynch. “He will not leave office knowing that Mr. Potato-Head is still out there!”

April Fool.

Race-Baiting is a Sin

One serious note, before I lapse into more cat videos or anything like that.

People wonder why I call the Democrats the Sin Party. Obviously, their sponsorship of abortion, sexual anarchy, the breaking of our immigration laws, etc., eminently qualifies them for that title.

But among their worst sins is that of race-baiting: sowing discord and envy, playing with violence like a child with his father’s loaded gun, seeking to rule by dividing the country, and encouraging people to hate each other without cause. And no, I don’t think it’s cause for hatred if you can say, “My ancestors, a hundred and fifty years ago, were slaves but yours weren’t”–well, mine were luxuriating in their career paths as German peasants, although it wouldn’t matter if they’d been royalty.

To teach people that whatever is wrong in their lives is because of others’ enjoyment of some undefined “White Privilege,” to hate those who supposedly have this privilege, and to look to the government to avenge them against persons who never did them any harm–this is abominable. It’s also dangerous: if these passions are stoked until they boil over into violence, it could bring down our republic.

God’s judgment is on America for her sins. We don’t need to be making up and indulging new ones every day. We need to pray, repent, and stop this evil foolishness before a lot of people get hurt.

To hate one another because some sleazy politicians tell us that we ought to hate is shameful. And it is sin not only to those who preach it, but to those who choose to listen.

Joe Collidge Protests My Uintatherium Video

I jist want to say that that unitatharium Video it was racist and stopid lee is a racist for postin it!

it is also Homo Phobbia and I think they was Climbit Change Denile in it too. He shulddnt be aloud to make posts like this and yiu wate till Hillery is Pressdint and then yull see what hapens! Then al these stopid peple thay wil have to go to Jail. Or may be get thare heads choped off! Becose thay are Haters and we jist wil not tollerate Haters not for one minnit, oh man them Haters make me so Mad and now my Moth antenners spining aruond and aruond and i think I feel whoozee…


Your attention, please.

The guest blogger was unable to continue on account of his extreme emotional reaction to the Uintatherium-gimmick soup commercial.

Normal service has been resumed.

College to Feature Anti-White Month

Remember the Chinese students with their little red books? Colleges seem always to have lent themselves to the active pursuit of tyranny and idiocy.

Hey, out there! Are you ready to take on “the learning tasks of Critical Race Theory”? What–you’re not? Well, then, you’d better get your butt over to Portland Community College (aka Political Correctness College) in time for their “Whiteness History Month,” which has just started ( http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=7174 ).

Didn’t you know that “the construct of whiteness” creates racial inequality? You didn’t? You’re asking, “What the devil is a ‘construct of whiteness'”?

Shut up! You racist, you!

Actually, a “construct” or a “social construct” refers to something that isn’t really real, but only exists in people’s minds because some evil white heterosexual males made it up. But not to worry! This “educational project,” guaranteed to turn students into driveling idiots, is up to the challenge.

Gee, those imaginary problems sure are tough to solve! But if you’re in the business of solving them, you’ve got a job for life. And there is absolutely no way to get fired for doing it badly.

“Whiteness History Month” is the deformed brainchild of the Campus Diversity Council, dedicated to achieving “diversity” through uniformity of thought.

There are too many colleges in America, with too many people in them.

Shut most of them down.

Celebrity Grievances: Melissa Perry on ‘Ontological Blackness’

When you get to be on TV as much as you like, and get paid boxcar-loads of money for it, and get invited to give speeches to crowds of college students who think you’re dazzlingly brilliant, it strikes me that it would be kind of difficult to find things to complain about.  But that’s because I’m not Melissa Perry.

Recently she turned up at Elon University to give a Martin Luther King (who was not able to object) commemorative speech on… wait for it!… “Ontological Blackness.” ( https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=7153 )

What the dickens, you ask, is that?

To which I answer, Aw, who cares?

“Blackness,” according to the overpaid TV celebrity, is deep down, and Ontological Blackness has something to do with the “mistreatment” of persons who are “black, female, transgender, queer, and immigrants.” Oh, and it’s bad and racist to oppose abortion. Yes, it’s bad to oppose something that snuffs out the lives of slightly more than half the  black babies conceived in New York City.

“You and I,” she babbled, “we don’t live in a post-racial America.”

Don’t you wish you could get big piles of money for just shooting your mouth off?

Basic Operating Principle to Remember: When a basic social problem–racism, for instance–has been solved insofar as humanly possible, those who have gained high status and wealth by complaining about real racism will preserve their position by complaining about imaginary racism.

The great thing about imaginary problems is that they never go away, and the professional protesters are never out of a job.


Ordering a Cup of Coffee Makes the World Unjust

Bugs Bunny… racist!

Did you know that ordering a cup of coffee is the moral equivalent of “recent killings of black men by white police officers”? What, you didn’t know that? Well, you would know it if you went to Oregon State University and attended their Implicit Bias Workshop ( http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=7159 ).

Asked why ordering a coffee is an act of microaggression and implicit bias, the gibbering twaddler running the workshop was unable to come up with an answer. I guess it just is! Shut up, you racists!

I am unable to understand, let alone explain, why over 17 million Americans are currently enrolled in colleges and universities, learning tripe like this. So I have asked my friend Joe Collidge to explain it.


Well Lee is stil a dop but at leest now he knose us interllecturals is smarter than him so of corse i wil do him a faver and explane it to him.

Yiu see micro-Gresion and Impolicit Biass thay make Our Soceity more unjust! Yiu shuld al git downe on yoor nees and thank us interllucturals for figguring that out!

So “let’s” say yuo want som creeme in yur coughie, that is makin it less Black!! and yiu wuld not doo that unles yiu was a Biggit and a Hater and yiu dont like Black Peple! but if yuo dont want no creeme then yuo stil a Racist becose it meens yiu dont want no Black Peple to be with Wite Peple! and iff yuo dont order no coughie at all it meens yiu tryin to hyde from yore own Racism! and aslo you denyin thar is any Racism in the frist plaice.

This here things thay hard for ordrinary dum peple to undderstand unles thay been to collidge and got Smart like me! Al this drinkin coughie and not drinkin coughie it al makes Our Soceity more unjust! Now dont yiu see??

P.S.–Thay stil shootin me up with moth Hormones in the exspearmint so my antenner that busted off, it growed back and i has got to ware a hatt al the time but At leest i stil in my Gender Studies clases and in anether few yeres i wil have my Degre!

‘White Privilege Tax’: Are Liberals Retarded?

So just for a joke, mind you, just kidding, Mike Dice went out to ask people to sign a petition supporting a 1% “white privilege tax” on white people for being white.

Watch how eagerly they sign! True, a very few refused to sign. One thought it was an “awful” idea, the other was sure it was a joke. (Both of those individuals are black, by the way.) But everybody else? Wow! All they had to hear was the usual ca-ca about how the money will be “redistributed” to them, and they were all aboard. Never mind if the persons belonging to assorted Cherished Minorities were standing there in several hundred dollars’ worth of trendy clothes and were only slightly less white than talcum powder. They are “oppressed!” They must be paid!

Of course, as a black man trapped in a white man’s body, I would hope that I would never, never have to pay such a tax, if it ever came to be. I wonder what angle rich liberals would use to get out of paying. But then prominent liberals never pay their taxes anyway.

This time, folks, it was a joke.

Next time, God help us, it might not be.

Check out the video. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/07/hysterical_liberals_sign_petition_promoting_white_privilege_tax_on_white_people.html

Whiny Students Demand Warning Labels on Literary Classics

At the start of the 2014-15 school year, which we’re just finishing now, collidge students throughout this great land demanded “trigger warnings” be posted on books of literature, textbooks, or any other kind of potentially upsetting material that might send a poor, defenseless student spiraling into post-traumatic stress disorder. At my own alma mater, Rutgers–they’re always trying to hit me up for money, and I always say no–some budding interllectural called for a warning label to be slapped on to The Great Gatsby on account of its “gory, abusive, and mysogynistic violence” ( http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/18/us/warning-the-literary-canon-could-make-students-squirm.html ).

Please don’t stop to consider how the same people who grow up playing Zombie Holocaust every waking moment turn into dainty little drips who can’t read The Great Gatsby because it might be too scary for them.

This has caught on at various universities, nationwide. At the U. of California, Santa Barbara, the student government formally demanded that “trigger warnings” be placed on all sorts of reading material.

You don’t know what a trigger warning is? Don’t blame yourself. The term was invented only recently and is only used by morons in the academic world. Not at all surprisingly, the warnings “have their ideological roots in feminist thought,” according to the New York Times. Of course.

Oberlin College published a guide to trigger warnings, containing this jewel of wisdom:

“Triggers are not only relevant to sexual misconduct, but also to anything that might cause trauma… racism, classism, heterosexism, cissexism, ableism, and other means of privilege and oppression…”

I wonder which is worse–cissexism or ableism?

But here’s the kicker: someday, blithering idiots who know all about cissexism and ableism, and can go rattling on about them for hours, will be old enough to vote and hold public office. They will become the next generation of teachers, noozies, lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

A New Way for Race-Hustling Idiots to be Offended

When it comes to finding trace amounts of imaginary racism to complain about,Pittsburgh is the place you want to be.

For the past 12 years–count ’em, twelve–city buses have carried the slogan, “Ziggin’ and Zaggin’.” Now persons with a gargantuan sense of entitlement are demanding that the slogans be removed because those words, spelled backwards (!), turn out to be racial slurs ( http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/06/proof_that_some_people_can_be_offended_by_anything.html ). Somehow no one noticed that twelve years ago.

Update: Catering to the complaints of dunderheads, Pittsburgh has ordered the read-’em-backwards-to-be-offended slogans to be removed from buses ( http://caveviews.blogs.com/cave_news/2015/06/slogan-ziggin-and-zaggin-removed-from-busses-in-pittsburgh.html ). Chalk up another win for Team Stupid.

Have you noticed that “Obama” spelled backwards almost makes “Ameba”? You’ve only got to change some letters, or else just say it real fast. Who can Al Sharpton sue for this? Who has to apologize?

Next they’ll be offended by anagrams. For instance, “this” can be arranged to spell out a vulgar synonym for doo-doo. And we’ll have to start calling ginger ale something else, too, to avoid racist overtones.

Stupidity is just like sin: it carries its own punishment.