A Sinister Custom in Suburbia

We have a neighbor who is the proud owner of a pair of ultra-powerful floodlights, which he leaves on all night. For weeks he had them pointing straight up in the air. What was he doing–signaling the Mother Ship! But a few days ago, he made a slight adjustment and the lights are now trained on my bathroom window.


Of course, practically everybody in this neighborhood has some kind of floodlight or other. I have had to invent some unusual ways of collecting enough darkness in my bedroom at night to permit a decent sleep. Each and every one of these floodlights is aimed out and away from the owner’s own bedroom.

The overall effect is reminiscent of German POW camps in movies like The Great Escape. Are they worried some of us are going to escape from this neighborhood, one of these nights?

What is the reason behind this peculiar and somewhat disquieting custom? Is it a cult?

If you know, please tell me.

4 comments on “A Sinister Custom in Suburbia

  1. I may be wrong, but I think it is an indication of the atmosphere of fear that permeates urban life today. The lights are supposedly a deterrent to would-be burglars, etc.

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