Dont Read That Guy’s Books!!

I wasnt going to come and do this blog today, becuse I had to do work for my Gender Studies degree and it was those Self-Esteem Crosword Puzles that all filled in already, not like them Sexist crossword puzles with the empty boxxes. But my prefesser he said I have to come and tell peple not to read that guys books. Well I hasnt read them I said, but he told me to come here anyhow, and also he tole me everthing I need to know about the books.

So I am telling you dont read Bell Mountan, it is suposed to be fantersy but there isnt nothing in it but Heteronormatifity and Climate Change Denail and most of all a whol lot of religin stuff. Ther ouht to be a law aginst readin books like that, and also aginst the law to rite them. I hope Hillery is presdent soon so she can make it aginst the law.

And also the books that come after that Bell Mountan they arnt any good ether. I am glad I hasnt read them, and yuo better beleve we got no books like that here in collidge. I warn yuo, if you reed any of thes books you will nevver becom a interllectural.

So if you read any of thos books by that guy, yuo are a Racist and a Homo-phob, and yuo hate woman and want to reck the Planet but we wont let you. Also yuo are stopid and Anti-Sceince and aslo you are a Religis Fanatick who beleves in God wich prooves yiu are not a interllectural.

Well thats all for now, I has to go bye some Amerikkkan flags to burn becose tomorow’s the forth of July and we doing a big Protest for extra credit.

12 comments on “Dont Read That Guy’s Books!!

  1. I have read all these books and I am smart. Also I am none of these things you said. Can not be a woman hater as I am a woman. Do not hate myself. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    1. I know you, and yuo is not a interllectural, you read that guys books. I am in collidge and you ar not and when I has my deegree in Gender Studies I wil be twicet as smart as yiu. Ha ha!

  2. Today I have a couple of observations, Joe. First, your grammar and spelling seem to have devolved in the past few years at collidge. This brings a whole new meaning to ‘higher’ education. Second, reading the Bell Mountain series might improve your grammar and spelling, but it’s doubtful you could read them anyway. Finally, I wonder what Professor Stephen Hawking thinks today?

  3. The intervening years of collidge have certainly fine-tuned Joe’s spelling, but even more important is that they’ve heightened his outrage and willingness to do violence against all those “haters” whom his perfessers point him toward. Good thing we have all those programs to send everyone to collidge.

  4. The “Bell Mountain” books are written for young readers so they are over Joe’s head.

    Today is Albert Einstein’s birthday, and it also is Pi Day (3/14). Interesting, but not Joe.

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