Hymn, ‘Rise Up, O Men of God’

If the Church ever needed to rise up, that time is probably now. Before our glorious national leaders make sodomy compulsory, or set up an image of Obama to be worshiped.

I chose this little version of the hymn because it’s easy to understand the words, albeit not so easy to understand the pictures.

All right, those who favor a wooden-headed literal interpretation of Romans 13 (“If the Powers that Be tell you to slaughter all the babies, then you gotta slaughter all the babies”) won’t like it.

But for the sane people out there, it’s time we thought seriously about the best way to rise up against the purposeful wickedness of our own Powers that Be.

P.S.–Upon further examination, this video seems to be a Mormon production. But I will let it be. The hymn is a Christian hymn, and that’s a fact.

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