My New Books Are Coming Along

The Fugitive Prince is No. 5 in my Bell Mountain series. Collect all seven!

Another few chapters and I’ll be done writing the first draft of The Throne (Bell Mountain No. 9), which I began in April. I don’t know why this book went so fast. I do know I’ll miss it terribly when it’s done. Like, my baby has grown up and moved to Manchuria.

I know what the last line of the story is, and I know the incidents leading up to it. I just have to get them into the right order.

Meanwhile, we at Chalcedon/Storehouse Press are trying heroically to get The Temple (No. 8) ready so it’ll be on sale in time for Christmas. I just finished the last proof-reading today, and we’re waiting for a cover from artist Kirk DouPonce. I have no idea whether it can possibly be done on time.

But then I really have no idea how I write these books in the first place. I ask God for the story and He gives it to me–sometimes a little bit at a time, sometimes in a big flash.

If you would like to join the few, the proud, who have enjoyed these books, you can get started right here just by clicking “Books” and having a look around.

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