Hymn, ‘Bread of Heaven’

Welsh miners singing in How Green Was My Valley (English subtitles)

Once upon a time, on a little 15-minute Christian radio show whose name I can’t remember, I heard a woman say a very wise thing.

“When your faith is shaky; when you don’t know for sure, anymore, that God is with you; when the bad things in life keep piling up; when you just don’t know what’s what–

“That’s when you have to sing louder!”

What can I say but Amen?

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  1. I love this music, and I really liked How Green Was My Valley. The architecture is interesting, too. I am half Welsh, am always interested
    in things from Wales.

    1. “Talbot” was a prominent noble on the Welsh border during the Wars of the Roses, and also figures in Shakespeare’s “Henry V.”

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