‘Bread of Heaven’ (‘Cwm Rhondda’)

Wow! Can Sir Harry Secombe sing a hymn, or what? With some help from the Treorchy Male Choir–Bread of Heaven (known in Welsh as Cwm Rhondda ((and did that ever confuse me in Sunday school!)) ).

You can’t beat the Welsh for singing hymns.

‘Bread of Heaven’

Verizon is drunk this morning; I hope my posts can be read.

Bread of Heaven (“Cwm Rhondda” in Welsh), sung by the Morriston Orpheus Choir: I like a traditional hymn to start the day.

Please request any hymn you’d like to hear!

Welsh Hymn, ‘Calon Lan’

This hymn kept coming to mind last night, so I thought I’d better post it–spiritual balm for a wounded spirit.

Calon Lan (“A Pure Heart”) in Welsh, at Mynyddbach Chapel, solo by Bryn Terfel, chorus by the Dunvant Male Choir.

‘All Through the Night’ (in Welsh)

Looks like everybody’s gone to the beach today. But for those who are here, I thought you might enjoy this–Ar Hyd y Nos. “All Through the Night” in Welsh. Some of us have known it as a bedtime lullaby; but it’s also a hymn. Sung by Bryn Terfel.

‘Calon Lan’ (‘A Pure Heart’)

No hymn requests this morning, so I’m on my own again. I’ll post the first hymn that comes to mind, and here it is, from Wales–Calon Lan (“A Pure Heart”). This is a whole bunch of Welsh choirs, of all ages, backed up by a full symphony orchestra. Powerful stuff!

‘Hyfrydol’ (On a Harp)

No hymn requests today, well, then, why not this? Hyfrydol on the harp, played by Ray Pool. This melody goes with I-don’t-know-how-many hymns in any number of hymnals–pick one you like. They’re all among my favorites.

Welsh Hymn: ‘A Pure Heart’

“Calon Lan” in Welsh means “A Pure Heart.” Written in the 1890s as a hymn, the melody has become ingrained in Welsh popular culture. There’s a set of lyrics about going to Heaven and finding everyone and everything you’d loved and lost on earth: moved me to tears and stayed with me all night, last night. It has also spawned a kind of anthem for the Welsh national football team.

But we are putting it up here as a hymn, sung by the Dunvant Male Choir at Mynyddbach Chapel, in Wales.

Hymn on a Harp: ‘All Through the Night’

This was the first thing I posted today, but the computer and WordPress decided it’d be fun if they made me do all the work and then made the post disappear without a trace. So I’m trying again.

All Through the Night, old Welsh melody, performed by Siobhan Owen at St. German’s Church in Cardiff, Wales.

If I can get things to work around here, I want to post something about the life of St. Germanus–it’s quite inspiring. I might have to bump some nooze to fit it in, but I doubt anyone will complain about that.

‘Gwahoddiad’ (‘I Am Coming, Lord’)

Here’s another of those Welsh hymns that sounds like something you would hear in Heaven–Gwahoddiad (“I Am Coming, Lord”). Don’t worry about understanding it: we have English lyrics posted. And part of your soul will understand it anyway.

‘Bread of Heaven’

I had a very troubled sleep last night, but I found this old Welsh hymn a comfort–Cwm Rhondda. In English, Bread of Heaven; but that’s only one of several hymns carried by this melody. And if a Welsh choir can’t stir your soul… well, you’re missing something wonderful.