So What’s Real?

Let me quote from an email I received today. I have corrected some obvious typographical errors.

“From airplanes everything they tell you from NASA is a lie, everything. No moon landing, no satellites, no hubble [sic] telescope and definitely no space station. This is a fact and I hope you know this!!!! the earth is FLAT and not a ball 400 scriptures prove it. It does not spin at 1000 mph or go forward at 74,000 mph. Read the book 1984. Go to google and put in flat earth @@@ ”

What are we to make of this? Is it possible that a tiny cabal conspired to create this totally artificial reality, a project involving many thousands of people, if not millions; and that they succeeded in keeping this gigantic secret from all but a few individuals like the author of that email?

Or have we all been told so cotton-pickin’ many lies, so many really big ones–like Global Warming, for instance–that some of us now believe everything’s a lie?

Let’s take a break and see what happens if we search flat earth @@@.


There is no “flat earth @@@” website, but there is a Flat Earth Society. I always thought that was a joke, or a put-down used by secular humanists against regular people. But no–either there really is a Flat Earth Society, or else someone created it to have some fun on the Internet.

You’d think the existence of a horizon would be enough to demonstrate that the earth is not, in fact, flat. If it were flat, there wouldn’t be a horizon.

But then Flat Earth isn’t the only asinine belief floating around in our culture, is it?

As someone who does resort to the Bible to find truth–sometimes that’s the only place to find any–I can’t say I’m comfortable with any claim that there are “400 scriptures” that prove the earth is flat.

That sounds way too much like saying Matthew 25 proves we gotta have Obamacare or else we go to Hell.

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  1. Wow, that’s a coincidence. I just yesterday found out about the Flat Earth Society (they’ve got a really hilariously laughable pamphlet from the late 1800s that supposedly proves that the earth is flat; I couldn’t even get through the first page, it was so ridiculous).

    1. On a flat earth, at sea, theoretically, if you had a powerful enough telescope, you could see all the way across from America to Europe. You’d think they might have noticed that you can’t.

      Oh, well. There was a video that came with that email, but I couldn’t endure more than about 60 seconds of it.

  2. The “Flat Earth Society” IS a joke, it was created in order to intentionally misrepresent every and all true investigations of the Earth being a plane…

    The FE Theory does not for a second propose any ludicrous idea such as being able to “fall off the edge”, etc., but yes, it DOES question whether or not the Earth is indeed a ball, or if all of the alleged “space exploration” is indeed fake.

    What I find interesting is that even in this very short article here, you reveal assumptions which are themselves so very far off the mark, such as “You’d think the existence of a horizon would be enough to demonstrate that the earth is not, in fact, flat. If it were flat, there wouldn’t be a horizon….”

    Yes, there absolutely WOULD be a horizon line on a flat plane, because of a simple fact called “one point perspective”. Do railroad tracks actually get closer together, the farther away from you they get? No. It’s just perspective, a function of how the human eye perceives. And yes, on a Flat Plane, you WOULD be able to see much farther than is assumed, but you wouldn’t be able to see “all the way across the Earth”, because there is still a little thing called the atmosphere which eventually gets in the way, no matter how powerful your telescope.

    But the use of telescopes and measuring curvature is a HUGE point of proof for the plane, turns out. I personally didn’t believe it till I began seeing example after example of it for myself. The supposed curvature is actually a rather simple thing to calculate, and there are scores of instances now where people are recording places where they can objects/places which SHOULD be obscured by hundreds of feet of curvature.

    Bottom line? The curve ain’t there, and nobody can actually show it empirically, so that’s kind of a problem for a globe….

    1. (why? because you wouldn’t want to give the subject the dignity of being worthy of debate, or because it might just wind up rockin’ your world to see what you might discover…?) 😉

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