I Can Stay in Collidge!

Well I got no money anymor, my dad he wont pay for no mor collidge, but I am a interllectural so I has found a way for me to stay in collidge til I get my degre in Gender Studies. My prefesser thouht it up.

Its simple, all I got to do is let some prefesser in Reallity Studies exspearmint on me. I dont kno what the exspearmints are about becose this prefessers grad studints do them and they wont tell me nothin. But i think it got something to do with the Natur of Reallity and how they can change my cromosoms from mail to femail and i am exited becuse i wil get extra creddit if they can mak me have wimmins cromosoms insted of the ones I alreddy got. And its very cuttingedge stuff!!

In meantime I living in my prefessers his toolshed and somtimes he give me leftovers from his super. He says this is a smal pryce to pay for bein a interllectural and anyhow its goood i losing so mutch weiyt. And if the exspearmint turns out sucesfull i wil go on tour al over the contry.

So i wil keeep yuo al posted on this stopid guys blog and i hop you al out there workin to ellect Hillery for Presdint.

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