Dont Buy His Books!!!

That guy who dose this blog, I am so made at him, he better wach out or elsse i’ll beet him up. He is alyaws goin on abote how collidge is a waist of time and money and trying to mak me look like a iddiot. Yiu cant even sea my donky ears becose now im wearing a hoody.

Well i dont lik what he saide aboat them prefessers at Cornel who say the unerversity sholdnt ouhgjt to hire repubblickins. He dont know nothin abute whatt it menes to be a interllectural so he shuld just shut up. And my prefesser he sayse we got to get this guy oncet and for al so that no one reeds him animore. And I says okay, prefesser, i kno just howe to do that.

This guy has al theese stopid books out theire wich he wants youall to reed and he has a new one comin out soon, it is caled The Temple.

Well this here book it is the wurst boock anyboddy ever wrote, it is jist terrable, you best not reed it if yiu kno whats good for yuo. Dont reed none of his books theye are awfful and besydes he is a Hater who dont beleave in Globbal Warming and he dont want wimmin to have a bortion. I kno somone who red that book Bell Mountain and gesse what hapened to him? HE DYED!!!

Aslo im goin to aske my prefesser Can we give out free Collidge Degres to evryone who dont reade this guys bookes? When she is Presdent, Hillery she wil give free collidge to evryboddy but i dont think she wil get made iff we do it ferst.

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  1. Hey stupid hacker, what’s your name? I’d like to know what your name is. Oh, and look, it’s Rabadash the Ridiculous! Hee-haw!

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