I’ve Got My Books!

It’s always a big day for me when I get my author’s copies of my book. Today I got my copies of The Temple. That cover looks good! My wife is already hunkered down to read it.

You may have noticed that I’m blogging more, of late. That’s because I’m between books, and that always makes me antsy. But I know I’ll have to wait months before the Lord starts me on the next story that He wants me to tell. He knows I need that time to rest and renew my resources.

The Temple is Book No. 8 in my Bell Mountain series, and the themes remain the same throughout: God’s sovereignty over all Creation; His power to intervene in history–without abrogating our free will; how He draws individuals and nations to Himself; and how the characters learn to know and love God through obedience, through sacrifice, hard work, enduring hardship, taking risks, and loving one another.

In all of this, whether I’m writing or not writing, my one indispensable tool is God’s own word, the Bible. I want my stories to be steeped in the Bible: it’s the only way to make them valid.

If you’re new to this blog, welcome. And if all of this is new to you, a lot more information is available just by clicking “Books” at the top of this page.

2 comments on “I’ve Got My Books!

  1. Congrats, Lee! Getting that proof is a great feeling, isn’t it? Mine is supposed come in the mail next week. : )

    Thank you for remaining a voice of biblical truth in the midst of our cultural wilderness. Your writings are needed, so keep going as long as the Spirit continues to move you. Even if you never know exactly who, your writings are reaching someone out there and changing their world for the better.

    1. You know, though, it’s food and drink to us to hear from our readers–with some happily rare exceptions.

      Occasionally I encounter someone who remarks on the “Bible verses” included in my books, and objects to it. These are not Bible verses. The people in my imaginary world have their own scriptures, which they quote sometimes.

      One of the hardest things about writing is that you don’t know what, if any, effect you’re having.

      But, like the lady said–sing louder

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