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Preview: ‘The Wind from Heaven’

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I don’t know when The Wind from Heaven will be published, but I’d like to share with you, in advance, a paragraph.

Obst is the speaker. For those who haven’t read any of the books, Obst is the former hermit who has become the teacher to King Ryons’ army–men who were born Heathen, but have come to God.

Here, in a moment of crisis, is his thought.

“The wind from Heaven,” he thought, “is blowing hard today!” Scattering all sorts of people in all directions, it looked like chaos and confusion. “But it is all the work of God, who is the only one who sees the pattern in it.” For the Scriptures had taught him that God never loses His grip on the reins of history, and guides it where He will. ****

Something for us to bear in mind, as we confront the crises of our own time.

Bonus Hymn, ‘O Worship the King’

At the risk of wearing out its welcome, I’m moved to present this hymn again–I want to hear it one more time before I don my hazmat suit and check out the nooze. O Worship the King reminds us what really matters: we live in a Creation owned, operated, maintained, and redeemed by the sovereign might and wisdom of a loving, righteous God.

Sung by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.

‘A Nation of Suckers’ (2016)

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When I wrote this a few years ago, I had not yet observed that the Pew Poll is all over the map when it comes to religious issues. So of course it sounded really bad: “49% of people who have left the church no longer believe in God or miracles.”


Which is another way of saying 51% still do.

But God is not running for office. He is still God whether we believe in him or not.

And believing in “science,” or government, or the innate goodness of human beings–well, heck, I’ve got a really nice bridge to sell you…

We Defy the Gloom and Doom!

We know it’s mere extortion: “Submit to a global government, or die!” “Your tax money or your life!” And so on.

Absent from all the humanist gloom-and-doom scenarios is any acknowledgement of God–who made the heavens and the earth, and all that is in them; who sustains them moment to moment by His providence; of whom it is written, “God is love.” The Lord of hosts, mighty in battle: there is no God like Jehovah.

So, yeah, fine–civilizations come and go, He sets ’em up and He sets ’em down according to His sovereign purpose. For all those civilizations toppling into the landfill of history, well–God’s word has outlived them all and God’s people are still here. It doesn’t just turn into Mad Max.

Twice God overthrew the world: first, when He drowned it in the Great Flood, and again, when He confounded their language as they were building the Tower of Babel. It belongs to Him, it’s His property. But of course the unbelievers, who would be as gods themselves, need a scenario in which man, without God, destroys the world.

Because the earth is the Lord’s, and we are His people, the sheep of His hand, we defy the humanist gloom and doom and proclaim the coming of the Lord–in His own good time, when He’s thoroughly good and ready. We know that Jesus Christ the Son of God didn’t die on the cross, rise from the tomb, show Himself alive to those who’d seen Him die, and ascend into heaven for nothing. So you can all tear down and replace civilizations to your hearts’ content: but we are Christ’s people, sunshine–not yours, not the state’s, but His, redeemed with His blood and heirs to His promise.

Sing the hymn loud and sing it louder! Worship the King, all glorious above.

(Sung by the congregation at Durham Road Baptist Church, in the NBA Big Sing.

‘Paul’s Speech to Wise Fools’ (2015)

Providentially, a wise fool appeared as if to illustrate Paul’s point: see his lengthy sophomoric contest below the original post.


There’s no fool like an educated fool.

A Lesson in Democracy

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Once upon a time, the Greek settlers in Sicily were oppressed by tyrants, who had the backing of Carthage. They sent to their founding city, Corinth, to plead for help, but no one wanted to take on such a hopeless mission. Finally someone thought to nominate Timoleon to lead it–a man who had once been something of a civic hero, but who’d been so long in retirement that most people thought he’d died. Timoleon consented to his appointment as general, and set sail for Sicily with a token force that no one ever expected to see again: for the tyrants of Sicily were fierce and powerful, and the might of Carthage stood behind them.

To make a long story short, Timoleon performed military miracles, rid the island of the tyrants, defeated the Carthaginians, and restored democracy to the city of Syracuse.

For which he himself was accused of tyranny and put on trial for it: and to which he said that he had prayed that he would live to see the Syracusans given the right of free speech. As Plutarch said, every lark must grow a crest, “and every democracy a false accuser.” Some things never change. But in Timoleon’s case, his mild reply so shamed his accusers that they dropped their charges; and the city permitted him to grow old and die in peace, honored by all.

People do have short memories and are also short on gratitude. Those were two reasons why our country’s founders gave us a republic instead of a democracy.

To say nothing of our own modern variants of folly: “Alexa, who should I vote for?”

Study history, and learn what to expect.

And pray for better–to God who is sovereign over history. The ancient Greeks did not know that, but we do. Don’t we?

September 11 – Conspiracy Theories

I was going to write about September 11 today, but The River Walk has done it better.   –LD


Don’t call everything a conspiracy, like they do, and don’t live in dread of what frightens them. Make the Lord of Heaven’s Armies holy in your life. He is the one you should fear. He is the one who should make you tremble. He will keep you safe. (Isaiah 8:12-14)

Read: Isaiah 8:1-9:21, 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, Psalm 55:1-23, Proverbs 23:4-5

Relate: One of my favorite movies during my college years was Enemy of the State. In this movie, a high profile murder was caught on tape. The person taping it is running for his life and plants the tape unawares on a lawyer named Will Smith, er… I mean Robert Dean. Suddenly, this average guy finds himself running for his life while deep operatives with all the power, technology, and budget of the USA on his tail. By an accident of chance, he has become an Enemy of the State…

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A Nooze-Free Sunday

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God has set aside one day in seven as a day of rest. For some of us, that’s Sunday; for others, Saturday.

By now I’m frazzled by a week’s worth of really bad news. By Friday opening the Drudge Report is like opening a dumpster left out on the sun too long.

So let’s do no nooze today. Rest, and let the seed planted by God germinate and grow, we know not how. Let’s have a bit of Memory Lane, Oy, Rodney, cat video, and another hymn if anyone requests one.

God uses things that don’t exist to bring to nothing things that do (I Corinthians 1:28). So let’s step out of the way and let Him do it. He commanded a day of rest for a reason.

Tomorrow we can crank it up again.

Rushdoony on Target in 1976: ‘The Fright Peddlars’

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R.J. Rushdoony wrote this little essay for The California Farmer back in 1976, and it reads like it could’ve been penned just yesterday. Man, some things never change!


It’ll only take you a minute or two to read, and then you tell me: Did he nail it, or what?

My Two Cents’ Worth

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As dangerous and as powerful as Satan is, I think some of us give him too much credit.

In the Book of Job we learn that Satan can only do whatever God permits him to do. God forbids him to take Job’s life, so he can’t.

St. James teaches us, “Resist the devil, and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

Although he is sometimes referred to as “the prince of this world,” I don’t believe that means that Satan is sovereign over God’s created world, but rather, only over those who reject God for the world.

If the world really did lie under Satan’s government, the whole thing would look like certain places in New Jersey.

If God really had ceded the rulership of the world to Satan, we would have, under Satan’s direction, entirely killed ourselves off by now. I cannot see the human race surviving the 20th century without God’s intervention. Not that we would’ve ever made it to the 20th.

God’s provides us with abundant proofs–the beauties of nature, the tenderness of love, the goodness of His word: but this list could go on all day–that He is a faithful Creator who is always close to us, who loves us, and who will see us through our many trials.

So why does God permit Satan to do anything at all?

Because everything Satan does, God will turn to His own use; because we whom God made in His own image have to be endowed with moral freedom, which sadly means we have the freedom to do wrong, and very wrong indeed… And boy, if you can see clear to the bottom of God’s plan, or clear to the ceiling, you don’t need any two cents from me!

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