A Interllectural On Dinasores

This hear is Godziller, I seen him on TV he is a dinasore! Evry interllectural knos thare is no God becose of dinasores.

I heared that guy who dose this blog talkin to his wive, they going to wach a movie abuot dinasoares today. Well that mad me lauhg!! He dont kno nothin abot dinasores becuse he is one of them christins and christins dont know nothin at alll.

Frinstence, us interllecturals at collidge we kno that dinasores proves that christinaity is not true and the Bibel is just a boookfull of hat speech and stories thatare not truue.

Take the Tryannosoros, also knon as Teerecks. It prooves Evolutoin is trough and ther is not no God! If thear was a God, then there woodnt be no Teerecks. My prefesser he explaned it to me.

Well i got to go now, thay are goin to try to make them moth-things fall out of my head and see if they cant finely give me wimmyn cromosoames. Even Katelyn Jender she dont got wimmyns cromosoames! It makes me wunder whatt kinder cromosoames those dinasores had that mad them get so big.

Got to run! Re-member, dinasores proove the Bibel is wrong abote everthing!!

2 comments on “A Interllectural On Dinasores

  1. ‘the Bibel is just a boookfull of hat speech’
    Best line ever!
    You know what, crazy hacker? My life would be super dull and ordinary if you didn’t pop into the blog every now and then and spice it up for me with your stupidity and interrlecturalism.

  2. Well, haha, I don’t know about this one, but it has been established by legitimate scientists that dinosaurs did inhabit the earth concurrent with man in the past. There are websites where this can be read and reasonable explained.

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