Collidge Big Shots Shred Constitution (Literally)

Project Veritas has captured on videotape officials at five fancy-schmancy universities agreeing to tear up copies of the U.S. Constitution with their bare hands or even put it through a paper shredder ( ).

The five citadels of higher learning are Cornell, Oberlin, Yale, Syracuse, and Vassar.

College officials agreed that the Constitution was “triggering” and “oppressive.”

Uh, what’s that supposed to mean?

“Triggering” means it contains language that some leftist dork might possibly, maybe, conceivably find offensive–that is, any language at all. For instance, “Excuse me, what time is it?” might be found offensive by a member of any one of several Cherished Minorities. Might be “oppressive,” too.

It’d be fun to call these self-anointed sages out and demand they tell us what they’d like to replace the Constitution with. Those answers might be worth hearing.

Meanwhile, folks–hey, it’s your tuition dollars that pay these creeps.

A Interllectural On Dinasores

This hear is Godziller, I seen him on TV he is a dinasore! Evry interllectural knos thare is no God becose of dinasores.

I heared that guy who dose this blog talkin to his wive, they going to wach a movie abuot dinasoares today. Well that mad me lauhg!! He dont kno nothin abot dinasores becuse he is one of them christins and christins dont know nothin at alll.

Frinstence, us interllecturals at collidge we kno that dinasores proves that christinaity is not true and the Bibel is just a boookfull of hat speech and stories thatare not truue.

Take the Tryannosoros, also knon as Teerecks. It prooves Evolutoin is trough and ther is not no God! If thear was a God, then there woodnt be no Teerecks. My prefesser he explaned it to me.

Well i got to go now, thay are goin to try to make them moth-things fall out of my head and see if they cant finely give me wimmyn cromosoames. Even Katelyn Jender she dont got wimmyns cromosoames! It makes me wunder whatt kinder cromosoames those dinasores had that mad them get so big.

Got to run! Re-member, dinasores proove the Bibel is wrong abote everthing!!

Haloween and Me and Also Socail Justice

Wel they dint like the way the exspearmint was going so they give me some shots and then som diffrent pills, and my donky ears they fell off. I was glad they fel off, only now I got theese moth things growin out the top of my head and i seen a movie once, it was The Fly, and so i’m kinda nervess abuot the moth things if yuo kno what i meen.

Youse who arenot in collidge bein interllecturals, mayby yiu think al we do is work al the time. Thats not troe, we aslo have lots of fun!!

I want to go to the Socail Justice Haloween Party tonite and i got to get a costomb. The delergate from PETA he said i culdnt go with them moth things on my fourhead becose its disrespeckful to moths and othre insecks. I told him i cant help it their growing on me. I tride putting a hat over them but then they iched somethin awful.

My prefesser he sade Stick with it, the exspearmint goin to make yiu famose, expecially if it reely works and i do get turned into a wimmin with the femail cromosoms. I dont kno abuot that, i never seen no wimmin with thees here moth things–antenners, they are caled.

But i do stick with it becase at the end i wil get my degreee in Gender Studies and i wil be twicet as interllectural as i am now and al yuo poor dum peple wil have to lissen to me. And no i got to go and figger out my Haloween costomb.

My Speling Is To O. Kay!

Ha, ha, I snuck in hear again. That guy lee he just dont pay no atension.

Som of yiu ordrinary dumm peple out thear has been makin fun of my speling and my grammer even tho i am in collidge and yuo arenot so that makes me smartter than yuo rihgjt then and their.

My prefesser he sais my speling and grammer is jost fine. In fact, he sais its my MICRO CULTURE. Only us interllecturals kno what Micro Culture is but i wil tel you othrewize you wil nevver kno. Theys the Big Culture and then theys some Sub Cultures, lik Amerika is the Big Culture and Collidge is the Sub Culture (the smartest one!!), and then thear is the Micro Culture which is Just Me! I am my hole Micro Culture and my prefesser he sais anyboddy who say my speling and grammer are no good, he is a Hater and a Showvinist who dont lik otyher peple’s Micro Culture.

Meenwile i am still in that exspearmint for Reality Studies and stil livin in my prefessers tool shed. He sais the hoody hydes my donky-ears reel good, and we are stil wating to sea if thay can change my mail cromosoms to femail and then we wil alll win a Noble Prize.

PS, we stil workin on give you a free Collidge Degre if yiu don’t reed lee’s books. I wisht i culd git a freee degre, it takin jist forevver to get my degre in Gender Studies.

Welcom Back to Collidge, Now Shut Up

Its almost time for the new semester to start, and ther wil be lots of new studints on our campas. I has ben here all sumer, workin on my degre in Gender Studies.

That stopid guy had to go to dentist, so I got his blog, ha-ha.

Lots of peple ben complaning about no freedem of speetch in collidge anymore. Well, ther aint suposed to be no freedem!!! What kind of big dumby thinks you can oaught to be alowed to say wrong things?

You freshmen who is coming in, yuo shuld pay attenttion to yuor Studnt Guide and just not say anything. Only us interllecturals shuld auht to be alowed to say things, because we never say nothing that is hatful or wrong or stopid. The rest of yiu is not interllecturels yet so you shuld just shut up. Yous dont know how to talk without sayin things that is microgresion. (I am not sure abuot that word, I only lernt it the other day. My prefesser he says its microgresion when you say or do somthing that is ofensieve even when yuo dont meane it. He says you cant hardly say nothing withhout being microgrestive.)

Well I got to go now, ther is a lectur on a bortion how it keeps wimmin helthy, and how we got to defiend Planed Parinthood from the  Vaste Rihjtwing Conspracy, and after that I got class in Self-Esteem. So rembember, if yuo aint a interllectural, just shut up and dont say nothing. Thats yuor cyvic dutie!!!

A Reponse to That Stopid Archy Fish Viddio

Ha, that other guy he had to go out so I can get on his blog and protext that archy fish viddio he just posted.

Why aint there a law aginst him talking about God al the time? If he was a interllectural he wuld know ther aint no God. What a dope. Dont he know its Evilution that makes all thes difrent animals and fish? That archy fish is no expection. It Evolved!! into a archy fish and it use to be something else. I think it probly Evolved!! from apes like we did.

Anyway ther shuld be a law so he cant rite no religin, My prefesser he says it viarlates Sepration of Church and State! if you rite about relgion and the goverment shuldnt alow it anymore. We fogt our Revilution War to git rid of religin and now here it is agan.

That guy Lee needs ougt to go back to collidge and learn some eddication.

Ther probly aint even such thing as a archy fish, I bettya christins made it up.