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My Interllectural Thansgiving

I went to my famply’s house for Thansgiving. They such dum peple! So i ask why thay prayin, becose God he dont exhist and its jist stopid to say prairs to him and then my sister she started cryin, she is such a idjit, and i pashently tryin to explane there isnt no god and finely my Dad he puls me off my chare and push me out the dore. That is how jellous they can be. Thats one thing yiu find out reel quiwk when yuo go to Collidge and becom a interllectural, that regulur dum peple dont like it that yiu are smarter then them.

Wel i was prety hungry so i go back to my prefessers houss but he wuld not invight me in to have diner with him and his freinds. He have tought us that Thansgiving is a wite supracist holliday al abuot opressing the Nattive Amerikans and bringin in all that christin and Captillist stuf that has made the hole world bad. Thansgiving is amlost as bad as Collumpus Day, thats what he sais.

But i gesse he culd see i was reel, reel hunkry he fellt sory for me and he sais, Here, “yiu can have this old sweater” I was goin to throe it out “but yiu can ete it insted.” in case yuo dont kno, i am in a exspearmint, trying to get wimmims femail cromasoames but they shot me up with this moth stuff, i think it’s Hormoans, and it done som funny things to my apetight and i got to ware a hatt al the time or else peple make fun of my moth-antenners growin out of my head! So i had the sweatter, it wasnt bad with ketchup on it.

A Interllectural On Dinasores

This hear is Godziller, I seen him on TV he is a dinasore! Evry interllectural knos thare is no God becose of dinasores.

I heared that guy who dose this blog talkin to his wive, they going to wach a movie abuot dinasoares today. Well that mad me lauhg!! He dont kno nothin abot dinasores becuse he is one of them christins and christins dont know nothin at alll.

Frinstence, us interllecturals at collidge we kno that dinasores proves that christinaity is not true and the Bibel is just a boookfull of hat speech and stories thatare not truue.

Take the Tryannosoros, also knon as Teerecks. It prooves Evolutoin is trough and ther is not no God! If thear was a God, then there woodnt be no Teerecks. My prefesser he explaned it to me.

Well i got to go now, thay are goin to try to make them moth-things fall out of my head and see if they cant finely give me wimmyn cromosoames. Even Katelyn Jender she dont got wimmyns cromosoames! It makes me wunder whatt kinder cromosoames those dinasores had that mad them get so big.

Got to run! Re-member, dinasores proove the Bibel is wrong abote everthing!!

My Exspearamint

Boy that guy who has the blog he burns me up, he is so stopid. That is becose religin makes him stopid. If he was a interllectural like me he wuld be smart.

Lik I told yiu lasst time, i am in a exspearamint for Reallity Studies, they tryin to turn my mail cromosoms into femail. I do this becuse i got no more money for collidge but they let me stay if I be in the exspearamint and i got to stay hear and get my degre in Gender Studies. Meanwile I live in my prefessers tool shed.

They been givin me injectins and pills and this red stuff to drink it tastes horible, and i didnt think it was workin until I was walkin to my Gender Justice lectiure and thes two iddiot conserfatiffs they pointin at me and laghing, Ha-ha-ha!! And later when I looked into a mirrer i seen my reflectin, and oh man!!! My Ears been growing! They turning into bunny Ears!! I got so freeked out, i went home. And my mom she made me stand on the steps and wuldnt let me in, and she sais them aint bunny Ears, them’s Jackass Ears!! And she say it serve me rihgjt.

But my prefesser he give me scraps to eat and he sais Never mind, “this is a smal pryce to pay to get a degre in Gender Studies and reely be a interllectural that nobody can deneye,” and anyhow Sceince is alyaws rihgt and this is Sceince. But i got Jackass Ears!! But he sais jist chill out, man, the exspearamint aint over yet and lots of Good things can stil happen.

I sure hop hes rigjt becase now my hat dont fit.

I Can Stay in Collidge!

Well I got no money anymor, my dad he wont pay for no mor collidge, but I am a interllectural so I has found a way for me to stay in collidge til I get my degre in Gender Studies. My prefesser thouht it up.

Its simple, all I got to do is let some prefesser in Reallity Studies exspearmint on me. I dont kno what the exspearmints are about becose this prefessers grad studints do them and they wont tell me nothin. But i think it got something to do with the Natur of Reallity and how they can change my cromosoms from mail to femail and i am exited becuse i wil get extra creddit if they can mak me have wimmins cromosoms insted of the ones I alreddy got. And its very cuttingedge stuff!!

In meantime I living in my prefessers his toolshed and somtimes he give me leftovers from his super. He says this is a smal pryce to pay for bein a interllectural and anyhow its goood i losing so mutch weiyt. And if the exspearmint turns out sucesfull i wil go on tour al over the contry.

So i wil keeep yuo al posted on this stopid guys blog and i hop you al out there workin to ellect Hillery for Presdint.

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