Judging God

So God is wrong because He won’t share His glory with idols? Ask a liberal!

A perpetual pastime of liberals and other worldly types is judging God–judging Him by the standards of this fallen world, and usually finding Him guilty.

Libs, who don’t even blink at 50 million abortions in America alone–who, indeed, some of them, hail Planned Parenthood as “doing God’s work”–express all sorts of outrage against God for commanding Israel to wipe out the Amorites, dispossessing them from the Promised Land. These events, which happened thousands of years ago, and are recorded in a book which they say is mostly full of fables and fish stories, get them frightfully upset.

We learn from the Bible that God destroyed the Amorites because of certain things they did: human sacrifice, especially of children (sound familiar?), idol worship, and sodomy. He waited patiently, for centuries, for them to stop doing those things, but they only did them all the more.

And He warned Israel that, if they followed the example of the Amorites, He would cause the land to spew them out, too.

We are told by libs that God, in destroying the Amorites, was unrighteous and unjust, not to mention murderous and cruel.

All right, we understand, when that’s coming from an atheist. But I mostly hear it from liberal Christians, who profess to worship and love this same God.

Know this, you who show off to win the applause of this fallen world:

In judging God, you not only expose yourselves as fools, and leave yourselves with no one fit to worship; you also imperil your immortal souls. To set yourselves up as more righteous than God would be comical, if it didn’t have eternal consequences.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the Lord shall have them in derision (Psalm 2).

You’d better stop judging before He stops laughing.

10 comments on “Judging God

  1. The conundrum is that they say God cannot be just when He appears to let innocent people die, then the same people get an abortion and say it’s their moral choice? Indefensible logic cannot stand its own scrutiny. Such is the liberal conundrum.

  2. The attitudes of these people expose them for what they are – immoral, unjust, deceptive minions of the wicked one. The only one just is The Just One! Your last line should serve as a true warning, Lee: ‘You’d better stop judging before He stops laughing.’

  3. Our God judges fairly. He judged the Amorites after they established a track record of wickedness and gave no sign of repentance. People today are showing just where they stand by the positions they take on these issues. They are, effectively, writing their own judgment.

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