PC Thought Police Invade Fantasy

H.P. Lovecraft–thought criminal, racist, and I’ll bet he didn’t recycle, either.

The Social Justice Warriors/Big Fat Bores in change of the World Fantasy Award have decided to change it.

No longer will the award be a bust of H.P. Lovecraft, designed by Gahan Wilson ( http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2015/11/12/world-fantasy-awards-banish-h-p-lovecraft-to-rlyeh/ ). The fact that Lovecraft did more than anyone but Poe to shape and inspire fantasy and horror in American literature–well, that fact counts for nothing anymore. HPL is out, out, out!

Because he was “a racist.” Aw, who cares! Everyone’s a racist, these days. The man lived a hundred years ago, and has been condemned because he didn’t live by the arbitrary standards of 2015 liberal self-righteousness.

Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi–he’s Indian, by the way–has protested by returning the two World Fantasy Awards he’s won.

I would rather he held on to them and displayed them prominently, daring the SJWs to come and take them.

Nothing is safe, not even fantasy, from the Inquisition for “diversity” and “inclusiveness,” whatever the hell they mean.

I say “hell” because that’s where all this culture-poison is originally brewed up.

Long live H.P. Lovecraft!

Down with P.C.!

5 comments on “PC Thought Police Invade Fantasy

  1. Lee- This anti-Lovecraft witch hunt is just the latest in many more nails in the coffin to come. The true enemy is not great artists such as Lovecraft, but rather Stalinism run rampant in western universities.

    1. There’s no place that’s safe from the Social Justice Warriors.

      Only modern liberals could ever give “justice” a bad name.

      I pray they will utterly destroy themselves very soon.

  2. Atoning for the si s of the past doesn’t strike me as a very fruitful exercise. A lot of what was written in the past is not considered in today’s culture. But trying to erase the past doesn’t strike me as much of a solution.

    History contains some shocking events and egregious examples of ignorance and prejudice. These can’t be changed, but we can learn from them . . . but only if we’re allowed to read about them in their own context. Goes for fiction and fantasy, too.

    1. In censoring the past and throwing out everything its writers and thinkers ever said, because we despise one or two things that they said and did, we become blind to our own faults and unable to learn: we rob ourselves of the wisdom of the past, and become like toddlers in our understanding.

      It’s daunting to imagine what posterity will say about this era. They won’t know whether to laugh at us or curse us.

    2. Very well stated. IMO, they will look back at this generation with less than affection and respect. A lot of progress has been undone in my lifetime. Sure, we have smartphones and lots of cool toys, but a vastly preferred the world of my youth, with unlocked doors and a sense of civility.

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