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No More Sweden

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I wanted to watch, this morning, a TV ad produced by a government-backed non-profit organization in Sweden. After all, American liberals have been guffawing at the notion that Sweden has any problem at all with Muslim immigration.

But the ad has been pulled. Can’t see it anymore.

The ad proclaimed that there is, for Sweden, “no way back. Sweden will never be what it was.” The ad urged Swedes to accept it and get used to it. ( https://www.rt.com/viral/360019-sweden-migrants-video-swedish/ ).

And down in France they’ve got a presidential candidate who says there’s no such thing as French culture, and in Germany a member of the legislature who says she can’t wait for Germans to become a minority in Germany.

Has God condemned the nations of Western Europe to suicide–or have they condemned themselves?

It seems they don’t even have enough faith left to justify mere survival. Is Marine Le Pen the only European leader who believes her country–France–has a right to exist?

There are more fools in the Western world surrendering to Islam than the Islamic world can handle.

Is It Too Late for Europe?

Based on the events in Paris last week, and video of the hordes of Muslims tearing their way through Germany and Sweden, and positively inane remarks by European leaders and interllecturals, I would have to say yeah, it looks like it’s too late for Europe.

In another few decades, it will be as though Western Europe had never existed at all. It will only be preserved in history books, to be totally ignored by American leaders and interllecturals.

Anyhow, here are the ideas that doomed Western Europe and paved the way for Muslims to conquer those countries.

*Christianity is outmoded, hateful, and bad.

*All you need is a sincere belief in something nice.

*There is no such thing as sin.

*All sex is great and good, except when it involves marriage between one man and one woman. Anything else, stand up and cheer.

*The government will do anything and everything for you. There is no need for you to achieve anything at all.

*If we are nice to bloodthirsty, jihad-crazed savages, they’ll be nice to us.

*Basic survival really must take a back seat to super-important issues like Global Warming, abolishing binary gender roles, and animal, plant, and insect rights.

*Family life is optional. There’s always the government.

*It’s mean and selfish for people to want to preserve their own nation and national identity, when a world government would be ever so much nicer.

*All cultures are equally wonderful and praiseworthy, especially Islam, and except for anything involving the way Europe used to be.

Take up these ideas and make them part of your national psyche, and follow Western Europe down the drain.

The Suicidal Western World

Marine Le Pen… Do they send you to Devil’s Island for thought crimes?

A leading French politician is now on trial for likening Muslims taking over the streets for prayer to the German occupation of France in 1940 ( http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/11943110/Marine-Le-Pen-stands-trial-for-Muslim-street-prayer-outburst.html ).

Marine Le Pen has been charged with hate speech, thought crime, whatever, for having a thought that has not been approved by the government. She has also been accused of contributing to “a climate of Islamophobia” currently prevailing in France.

Hmm… is that really and truly Ms. Le Pen’s fault? Other contributing factors that I can think of, just off the top of my head, would include Muslims shooting the editors of Charlie Hebdo Magazine, Muslims shooting up a Jewish deli, Muslims torching cars all over the place, Muslims taking over whole neighborhoods of major French cities and forbidding entry to non-Muslims, Muslims pouring across the nation’s border and vowing to subject France to sharia law–little things like that.

All over the Western world, national leaders compete with one another to see who can do the most harm to their respective countries. They have an insatiable appetite for the importation of Muslims.

Some of my friends say these leaders just want to erase national borders so they’ll have an excuse to impose world government. With themselves in charge of it, of course.

Father in Heaven, cast down these leaders from their high places, and destroy them–before they destroy us. Amen.

Some Thoughts on 9/11

I don’t like to watch videos of the events of this day, 14 years ago. The images make me angry. So do conspiracy theories and the “Let’s forget about it” crowd. Nevertheless, I remember those events and continue to seek their meaning.

Here are some of my reflections.

*God’s judgment can land right on our heads and we still wouldn’t believe in it. We learn nothing. We stop our ears to God’s warnings. We wouldn’t want anyone thinking we were un-hip.

*Who would have ever thought, 14 years after 9/11, that the governments of the West would be competing to see which of them could import the most Muslims?

*Meanwhile, our glorious leaders could find nothing better to do than radically redefine, or just plain overthrow, the definition of marriage, light up our public buildings to celebrate it, and criminalize Christian and other religious beliefs that have remained the same for thousands of years.

*Our government gave a medal to a man who had himself surgically and pharmacologically mutilated so he could say he was a woman. At least we know who our heroes are. Or must I say heroines?

*We have a president whose middle name is Husain, and whose amateurish, community-organizing, make-it-up-as-you-go-along dabbling in foreign policy has caused the Middle East to boil over into the biggest man-made humanitarian crisis since World War II.

*While ISIS is beheading Christians and burning them alive, all captured on videotape, our government obsesses about “Islamophobia.”

*Western Europe would rather be invaded by millions of Muslims all at once, than roll up its sleeves and exterminate ISIS. The West ignores calls from Egypt and Jordan to do that very thing. One cannot explain why they let ISIS continue what it’s doing.

*For as long as we are governed by career politicians advised by self-proclaimed intellectuals and self-promoting Scientific Experts, we will not even begin to find our way out of trouble.

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