Oh, Boy! How to Politicize Your Thanksgiving!

You want to see pathetic? This is pathetic.

Sure, gratitude has no part in the liberal Democrat psyche, so we can’t expect a Thanksgiving holiday to have much meaning for them. But this is going pretty far, even for them.

The Democrat National Committee has set up a website ( http://www.yourrepublicanuncle.com/ ) to provide party members and other comrades with pithy put-downs to confound “Your Republican Uncle” or any other family member too wicked or obtuse to appreciate the wisdom of leftism. To quote the introduction:

“The holiday season is filled with food, traveling, and lively discussions with Republican relatives about politics sometimes laced with statements that are just not true–” apparently only Republicans do this, never Democrats. “Here are the most common myths spouted by your family members who spend too much time listening to Rush Limbaugh and the perfect response to each of them.

I’ll bet these people could just kiss themselves all over.

All right, let’s look at the perfect response to the vile conservative canard that Man-Made Climate Change is nothing but a scare tactic. Are you ready for this? You sure? Deep breath…

Presto! We are informed, “97% of scientists” believe in Global Warming! Wow, I feel utterly confounded.

Oh! Was that 97% of all scientists, or 97% of the scientists you chose to ask, or 97% of the scientists whose answers you chose to accept, or what?

How about the perfect response to Donald Trump?

Guess what–Donald Trump’s a racist! Gee, I never saw that coming, did you?

And, lest I spoil your Thanksgiving dinner, I will conclude this post right here and go outside into this gorgeous fall day and smoke a cigar.

See you tomorrow afternoon, folks–if I can manage it. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

5 comments on “Oh, Boy! How to Politicize Your Thanksgiving!

  1. Methinks the raving lunacy of the left shall never cease to amaze – and amuse – me. A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all!

  2. Hollywood movies love to exaggerate how families don’t get along at the holidays. At my daughter’s we watched “Four Christmas” where every one of the unmarried couple’s parents are divorced and have dysfunctional families. Then “Daddy’s Home 2,” and again divorced couples who are sharing the children and new spouses and their parents are gathered together for quarrels galore (though pretty funny at times), and the classic of all classics “National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation” where the relatives are either mean or senile. Maybe with 50% of marriages ending in divorce in America these movies are hitting on some realities.

    1. Read Michael Medved on divorce rates: that 50% figure is baloney. It’s based on the total number of divorces in a year, compared to the total number of marriages. It’s statistically invalid.

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