Hymn, ‘Silent Night’

Who doesn’t love Silent Night? Celtic Woman has an extraordinarily beautiful rendition of it, complete with a verse sung in Irish. If I can find one, I’d like to post a Silent Night/Stille Nacht sung in the original German.

But first I gotta fetch my car out of the repair shop–the starter conked out on me yesterday while I was at the mall, in the rain–and then go out and do half a zillion errands.

But listen to this Christmas hymn: and if it moves you to tears, let them come: there is no need to withhold tribute from the Child Jesus Christ, Our Savior.

Only God would have thought of sending His Son into the world by way of a manger.

6 comments on “Hymn, ‘Silent Night’

  1. Heaven must open when these ladies sing. Absolutely beautiful – complete with tears and tissues. Thank you so much, Lee. Your tender heart shines through your selections. Silent Night is my favorite Christmas hymn (second is O Holy Night) and this must be the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. God Bless.

    1. Your wish is my command, I’ll do it this afternoon. There are two different melodies, though, that go with the lyrics, and it’ll be hard to pick one over the other: I love them both.

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