Carol, ‘O, Tannenbaum’ (Nat King Cole)

This carol, sung in German, was a Christmas fixture at my grandpa’s house, and my mother used to sing it to us, too. It’s here at my wife’s request.

How I miss those Christmases at grandpa’s house! It was amazing, how many people could fit into it for a family Christmas.

But, as Our Lord Jesus told us, “In my father’s house are many mansions…”

We will have a place to stay when we get there. Amen.

2 comments on “Carol, ‘O, Tannenbaum’ (Nat King Cole)

  1. I bought this album for my mother years ago because Nat was one of her favorite singers. It’s one of the nicest Christmas albums ever made. Mr. Cole had that velvet voice that was just so enjoyable to hear. My mom cried the day he died.

    1. Marge, you have won the Comment Contest. So what I need from you next is your mailing address, which I will delete after I copy it down. Send it to me in the form of a comment. Also, you’ll have to let me know which book you want. (Remember, I’m running low on “Bell Mountain” and there are seven others you can choose from.


      As for Nat King Cole–there’s something about an American black man singing a German Christmas carol in German that very strongly appeals to me.

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