When Not to Believe

I have been in discussion with persons who are appalled that I don’t believe in Evolution. It can only be because I don’t understand Science, or just refuse to understand it, whatevuh.

But in fact I have other reasons. I am guided by several rules that tell me when not to believe what people are telling me. In brief, I don’t believe ’em–

–When they are quick to stop debating, if they ever started, and resort to force, threats of force, or name-calling.

–When they happen to be persons with long histories of being caught lying and cheating.

–When they are advancing policies which, if followed, would shower them with fabulous wealth and vast new powers. Be especially sure not to believe them when you already know they’re cheaters (see above).

–When they are advocating public actions which will not damage them in the least, but which will cost you and me plenty.

–When habitually irreligious persons present themselves as doing God’s will, and claim divine sanction for whatever they’re trying to foist on us.

You will find all of the above to be abundantly present among the Global Warming crowd, the Evolution wallahs, and–it practically goes without saying–the “gay rights” fascists.

As to our country’s political leadership–well, the less said about that, the better. After all, it’s almost Christmas.


2 comments on “When Not to Believe

  1. Pejoratives and ad-hominems are for people who don’t have an argument. Not believing in such things does not make you anti-science. As I said before, science is just more than one “theory” on evolution.

  2. Even Darwin didn’t actually believe evolution was true. I find it odd, too, that atheists love to celebrate Christmas, while denying the birth of Jesus. Oxy-‘moron’?

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