‘Ding Dong Gloria’ (Harpsichord Solo)

The only excuse I have for this is that I love this carol and I’m crazy about the harpsichord. It has such a Christmasy sound.

It’s already December 23. How did that happen? Tomorrow we put up our tree. Next thing you know, it’s New Year’s Day and 2015 is over before I got used to writing it.

But the Child whose birth we proclaim on Christmas Day lives every day, every year, and we must learn to seek Him every day.

4 comments on “‘Ding Dong Gloria’ (Harpsichord Solo)

  1. Merry Christmas again, Mr. Duigon!
    I have started to read your newest book in the Bell Mountain Series. I think it will turn out to be my favorite! It’s started out rather exciting!

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