Hymn, ‘Our Father Who Art in Heaven’

By reader request, here’s Our Father Who Art in Heaven, performed by Don Moen.

I don’t know when this happened in my life, but at some point not too long ago, I began to perceive that God is a person. That’s why He made us persons, in His image. And this changed everything.

He couldn’t love us if He weren’t a person; but He is, so He does.

7 comments on “Hymn, ‘Our Father Who Art in Heaven’

  1. Thank you, Lee. This is another hymn that moves me, but then, they all do. As a child, my perception of going to heaven was being able to climb up and sit in God’s lap. At 67, I guess that hasn’t changed much.

    1. Your welcome, Mrs. Sorci.
      Carman does an excellent job. The film was taken in Ireland.

    2. II did notice the Irish/River Dancing 🙂 Very nice. I had never heard of this artist but any artist who’s praising Our Lord is wonderful.

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