A Praying Mantis Matinee?

This mantis was waiting in line outside a theater where they were having a Heaven’s Gate revival.

Here’s  an awesome scientific experiment you could probably do yourself, if you had the patience and the manual dexterity for it.

Scientists have been showing 3-D movies to praying mantises, to find out whether the insects can see in three dimensions ( http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-praying-mantis-3d-glasses-20160108-story.html ), reports the Los Angeles Times. The purpose, supposedly, is to find some way to build robots that can see in three dimensions.

So far they have only shown the mantises little film clips of potentially edible bugs. But what would happen if you showed a mantis Gigli? Or Star Wars: The Force Awakens? How about a whole theater full of mantises?

And what if you could find out whether the insects liked the movie, or not?

The movie industry needs help. The average feature film costs over $100 million to make, and the makers lose their shirts on a fair number of them.

But in insects Hollywood has a potential audience hundreds of times greater than all of the people in the world. One swarm of locusts, or a couple of attics full of Chinese shield bugs, and you’ve made your money back!

Maybe we could even wind up with movies made for insects and watched by robots.

How much worse could they be than some of the movies we avoid now?


4 comments on “A Praying Mantis Matinee?

  1. Who dreams this stuff up? And who’s paying for it? This world is not only evil and debauched, but insane.

    1. Undoubtedly! They want every last cent. Their mindset is that we work for them! With all the government grants going to inane and insane ‘research’, as the money changes hands, it somehow always winds up in the same pockets, and it’s not ours.

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