Celebrity Grievances: Melissa Perry on ‘Ontological Blackness’

When you get to be on TV as much as you like, and get paid boxcar-loads of money for it, and get invited to give speeches to crowds of college students who think you’re dazzlingly brilliant, it strikes me that it would be kind of difficult to find things to complain about.  But that’s because I’m not Melissa Perry.

Recently she turned up at Elon University to give a Martin Luther King (who was not able to object) commemorative speech on… wait for it!… “Ontological Blackness.” ( https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=7153 )

What the dickens, you ask, is that?

To which I answer, Aw, who cares?

“Blackness,” according to the overpaid TV celebrity, is deep down, and Ontological Blackness has something to do with the “mistreatment” of persons who are “black, female, transgender, queer, and immigrants.” Oh, and it’s bad and racist to oppose abortion. Yes, it’s bad to oppose something that snuffs out the lives of slightly more than half the  black babies conceived in New York City.

“You and I,” she babbled, “we don’t live in a post-racial America.”

Don’t you wish you could get big piles of money for just shooting your mouth off?

Basic Operating Principle to Remember: When a basic social problem–racism, for instance–has been solved insofar as humanly possible, those who have gained high status and wealth by complaining about real racism will preserve their position by complaining about imaginary racism.

The great thing about imaginary problems is that they never go away, and the professional protesters are never out of a job.


5 comments on “Celebrity Grievances: Melissa Perry on ‘Ontological Blackness’

  1. This woman wore tampon earrings on her talk show to promote abortion. I guess it was ontological disgustingness

    1. So, let’s see… Abortion wipes out a very large proportion of black babies… and this black activist/bellyacher whole-heartedly supports abortion… How is her position different from the KKK’s?

    2. As you said, their imaginary problems leave much room to remain on the path of continual complaining. And we must remember who their audience is – mainly the indoctrinated crowd who love feeling persecuted. They’re so busy feeling persecuted that they are blind to the fact that abortion is murder and a form of persecution and racism. Wonder what they would say if they knew the motives of Margaret Sanger,

    3. Circular reasoning. Defend a practice that results in the very thing you’re complaining about. The lying whispers of the devil.

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