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Portland: More ‘Camping Space’ for the Homeless?

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Some of Portland, Oregon’s, ruling loons want the city to compel private property owners to provide “more camping space” for homeless people (https://www.wweek.com/news/city/2019/12/04/an-influential-city-panel-wants-new-private-buildings-to-provide-space-for-homeless-camping/). Like, if you want to build some stores, or an apartment complex, make sure you leave room for homeless persons to pitch tents and sleep on the sidewalk.

It’s so much fun to virtue-signal with other people’s stuff!

Institutionalizing homelessness and making it a permanent feature of the city is the brainstorm of a few jidrools on Portland’s Planning and Sustainability Commission. The whole commission was unanimously for it, at first–until the public found out about it and let out a scream of protest. Now it’s possible the scheme won’t make it as far as the city council.

Leading the charge in favor of the scheme is a woman who is also the “director of climate and energy policy” at Verde, “a Northeast Portland environmental justice nonprofit.” What the blazes is “environmental justice”?

Well, the city could build more homeless shelters; but the problem with that is, some of these poor people are homeless because they’re mentally ill, and a lot of them refuse to use the shelters. Or virtue-signalling Environmental Justice Warriors could volunteer to take homeless persons into their own homes instead of volunteering someone else’s space: but don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Finally, they could replace all those psychiatric hospitals that liberals so recklessly shut down some years ago; but don’t expect that to happen, either.

Someone ought to do a study comparing the incidence of homelessness in cities governed by Democrats to that of cities not run by Democrats (if you can find any). Prediction: The more entrenched and dominant the Democrats, the greater the incidence of homelessness.

Go ahead, somebody–prove me wrong. I dare you to try.


Colleges Seek Christless Christmas

“Inclusiveness” sucks.

“Diversity” sucks.

Our colleges and universities suck, too.

Yes, throughout this great land of ours, our even greater institutions of higher education are trying to eradicate Christmas–or at least replace it with some meaningless “winter festival” like they do in towns run by Democrats (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=10242).

The prize goes to University of California, Irvine, for urging its staff to “ensure that office celebrations are not indirectly celebrating a religious holiday.” Indirectly celebrating–what in the world does that mean? They want the office staff to “display diverse symbols,” which means everything but Christian symbols, just like “inclusiveness” means they exclude Christianity. But man! Once you get into that “indirectly” stuff, you don’t know where you’re going! Just about anything might be interpreted as “indirectly celebrating a religious holiday.” Although if it were a non-Christian holiday, that would surely be okay.

State University of New York urges staff and students to “create a winter theme.” Uh, wouldn’t that be, like, a pagan religious celebration? Never mind, as long as it isn’t Christian.

Ohio State requires that any decorations “be secular in nature.” Sorta like when Hillary Clinton had condoms and syringes hung on the White House Christmas tree–er, excuse me, Holiday tree!

Life University (never heard of it) is having a decoration contest whose entries will be judged by their “inclusiveness.”

Hey! Earning a degree in Gender Studies or Superhero Studies is hard work–to say nothing of teaching it. College staff and students need to unwind with a little secular I-hate-Jesus inclusiveness!

The wisest thing we can do for our country is to cut off all public funding to the universities.

Celebrity Grievances: Melissa Perry on ‘Ontological Blackness’

When you get to be on TV as much as you like, and get paid boxcar-loads of money for it, and get invited to give speeches to crowds of college students who think you’re dazzlingly brilliant, it strikes me that it would be kind of difficult to find things to complain about.  But that’s because I’m not Melissa Perry.

Recently she turned up at Elon University to give a Martin Luther King (who was not able to object) commemorative speech on… wait for it!… “Ontological Blackness.” ( https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=7153 )

What the dickens, you ask, is that?

To which I answer, Aw, who cares?

“Blackness,” according to the overpaid TV celebrity, is deep down, and Ontological Blackness has something to do with the “mistreatment” of persons who are “black, female, transgender, queer, and immigrants.” Oh, and it’s bad and racist to oppose abortion. Yes, it’s bad to oppose something that snuffs out the lives of slightly more than half the  black babies conceived in New York City.

“You and I,” she babbled, “we don’t live in a post-racial America.”

Don’t you wish you could get big piles of money for just shooting your mouth off?

Basic Operating Principle to Remember: When a basic social problem–racism, for instance–has been solved insofar as humanly possible, those who have gained high status and wealth by complaining about real racism will preserve their position by complaining about imaginary racism.

The great thing about imaginary problems is that they never go away, and the professional protesters are never out of a job.


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