‘Watches of the Night’–a Song for King Ryons?

My editor, Susan, wanted me to see this: first a poem, Watches of the Night, and then a song, Jesus, Draw Me Nearer, performed by Keith and Kristin Getty.

It’s beautiful, and full of echoes of the Book of Psalms. But to Susan it also brought to mind a character in my Bell Mountain books–Ryons, the slave boy who is rescued from human sacrifice to become, by God’s grace, the King of Obann.

Ryons doesn’t want to be a king. What does he know about such things? He has hardly had a proper childhood. He hates sending men who love him into battle, and they might not return. He’s terrified of some of the things he has to do, some of the places he has to go. But what he learns is faith and obedience, and going on when you’re too scared to go, and following God’s angel when you don’t know where he’s taking you.

I am very humbly glad that anything I could write might be linked to such beautiful and prayerful music as this.

But I tell you right up front, it wasn’t any literary genius of mine, but only writing what God gave me. To Him be the glory!

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  1. When I read your books, Mr. Duigon, I thought that if I was in Ryons’ place, I would probably know what to do. It seems that he is always at a loss to find a battle strategy to use.

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