Whistle-Blower Indicted, Planned Parenthood Skates

It’s against the law to sell baby parts. Undercover videos have made it clear that Planned Parenthood regularly sells baby parts.

Naturally, nothing has happened to Planned Parenthood, aside from a brief spell of bad publicity. They’ll still be getting half a billion dollars of our money every year.

But the pro-life activists who exposed Planned Parenthood for selling baby parts–well, they’ve been indicted for trying to buy baby parts ( http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/2016/01/25/planned-parenthood-videos-grand-jury-indictment/79318450/ ).

Logic break: If the pro-lifers are guilty for trying to buy baby parts from Planned Parenthood, does it not follow that Planned Parenthood must also be guilty for trying to sell baby parts? I mean, they’ve got it right there on the videotape, the whole country saw it…

All right, this is a Houston Democrat kangaroo court, defending liberalism for all it’s worth.

Let us pray, nevertheless, that any trial resulting from this indictment blows up sky-high right in Planned Parenthood’s face.

Planned Parenthood in America is a national disgrace, a shame on us in the eyes of a just and mighty God. He will not hold back His wrath forever.

Lord, please remember us, your people: and remember that these things are done without our consent and against our will.

6 comments on “Whistle-Blower Indicted, Planned Parenthood Skates

  1. You conveniently failed to mention the FELONY charge, while stating the lesser misdemeanor. It’s “tampering with a government record”. They violated patient privacy laws in order to fake evidence. You can hate on Planned Parenthood all you want. It doesn’t excuse bearing false witness.

    1. Grand juries don’t get to draw blood. They only certify whether or not there’s enough evidence to proceed forward with a case. It’s kind of ironic, since the whole intent in empaneling them was to certify conclusively that PP was violating the laws about fetal tissue donation.

    2. Do I need to add that obviously Planned Parenthood uses those privacy laws to conceal wrongdoing?

      This reminds me of Climategate. There, the hackers were portrayed by the nooze media as bad guys for exposing the massive lying, cheating, and finagling being done by the alleged scientists.

      As for false witness–well, we have the videos. Planned Parenthood is condemned out of the mouths of its own personnel.

      There is simply no way you can deny that Planned Parenthood was selling baby parts.

    3. I’m willing to put it to a jury, but yeah, it’s actually easy to deny. The evidence is that PP took small fees for tissue prep, storage and shipping, a break-even sum, not a profit – and not illegal.

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