Hillary Backers Like Karl Marx for VP

Yes, you read that right: persons who say they will vote for Hillary Clinton for president, when asked if they would support Karl Marx as her running mate, said yes ( http://www.infowars.com/video-hillary-supporters-endorse-karl-marx-for-vp/ ).

Marx, for those who went to public schools, died over 100 years ago and is considered the founder of communism. That’s why they call it Marxism.

Prank pollster Mark Dice told people Karl Marx had been Barack Obama’s “top economic adviser” for several years and was now serving as such for Clinton.

We don’t know how many people, when asked if they liked Karl Marx for vice president, answered, “Who’s that?”

No one asked how they felt about Pee Wee Herman for secretary of state.

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  1. Could these be some of the same people who were asked by Jay Leno in his ‘Jaywalkers’ skit, what the D.C. in Washington, D.C. stood for? One of the responders said: ‘Da Capital’ and some didn’t have any idea. . Unfortunately, and sadly, none of this surprises me. However, considering that some of these same people are our future leaders, it’s rather scary and unsettling.

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