The Iwa Caucaus is Racist!

That dop lee had went out to by grossries, so i got his blogg And let me tel yiu, I am so sick and tyred of this Racist Iwa Caucaus!

How come they aloud to have this hear pollitacal thing for whites Only?? Jist imaggine that, all the Caucasians in Iwa get togheter to nombinate the nex Presssdint! and Yuo dont here nothin on the newes expect for this dum Iwa Caucaus. Wy dont thay jist put all them Repulbicans in Jale anyway?? Here at my collidge we dont allouw no Repulbicans and i dont see why we shuld alouw them in Iwa neither!

Wel i jist hope Hillery wins the hole thing and all them Repulbicans gets execcuted or somthing. Althughj Berny Sanders he reely is OK for a old wite guy who is relatted to Col Sanders. I get Upset watchin al this newes and it makes my Moth antenners go rond and rond in circles and i cant stopp them, it makes me dizy but thay tel me that wil get better after thay shoot me up with som more Moth Hormones.

I wuljde go out to Iwa myselff in case thay need a interllectural but i dont want nobody to misteak me for jis anuther white guy with Moth feelers on his fourhead.

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  1. Since you’re always surreptitiously (now there’s a word for you Joe Collidge) taking over Lee’s blog, the least you could do is to hang around to help carry in the groceries.

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