Hymn, ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’ (Beautiful!)

Some of you will remember this hymn as the title music for The Vicar of Dibley, an exceptionally raunchy British comedy series.

But this is a lovely hymn, it’s the 23rd Psalm set to music, here performed by the choir of Wells Cathedral.

If this hymn doesn’t stir your soul, I don’t know what will.

2 comments on “Hymn, ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’ (Beautiful!)

  1. Lovely hymn, lovely voices. And I’m happy to report that I’ve never heard of that series.

    Hopefully, you’ve had a good night’s rest and your elbow (and I’m sure at least a bit more of your arm – and some body aches) will heal quickly. Prayers and blessings.

    Also, Lee, I hope your aunt has been doing well.

    One more thing – did I miss something? NWV arrives in my email box daily, but I didn’t see your article yesterday or today so far.

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