‘Star Wars’ Pastor Doesn’t Want His Church to Be ‘Too Christian’

While the German government is pulling out all the stops to do away with Germany as a coherent nation, the pastor of Zion Church in Berlin recently held a Star Wars-themed religious service, complete with very silly people wearing Darth Vader masks and carrying toy light sabers ( https://www.yahoo.com/tv/german-church-celebrates-star-wars-sunday-122152630.html ), the Associated Press reported recently.

This is taking “seeker-friendly” to new depths.

Pastor Lucas Ludewig said the Star Wars service was a big success and pulled a lot of people into the church. Pay heed to his words:

“It’s great that there are subjects that people are interested in. They trust us to make them part of the church service without making it too Christian or too Star Wars, but to find a good compromise.

Gee, if only the early Christians had thought of this. They could have installed statues of the Roman emperor in their churches, and as part of the Christian worship service, burned incense to the emperor’s image and hailed him as a god.  Wouldn’t that have been “a good compromise”?

Y’know what? I don’t think everybody understands that Star Wars is just a movie. Something that somebody made up.

And I’m pretty sure more and more pastors don’t understand what a church is for.

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  1. I enjoy reading about the early church and of their Holy Spirit-led activities in the Book of Acts. I find it exciting to see how our Great God through the Risen Christ changed the lives of those early believers in powerful and often miraculous ways. Churches and their pastors need to seek this Risen Christ for His guidance and leading in presenting the Gospel. The Word of God is enough and God’s Wisdom is far greater. We can depend upon Him to empower the words we speak when presenting the Gospel. Relying upon gimmicks will just compound the problem and often souls are not saved.

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