‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’

No hymn requests this morning, looks like I’m on my own. Well, I haven’t posted this one in a while, Psalm 23 set to music–

The Lord Is My Shepherd, sung by the choir at Wells Cathedral, England.

‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’

First hymn that popped into my head today–The Lord Is My Shepherd: Psalm 23 set to music, performed by the choir at Wells Cathedral

‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’

Psalm 23 set to music, The Lord Is My Shepherd, sung by the choir of Wells Cathedral, England. And thus begins our blogging day…

‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’

This is Psalm 23 set to music, and sung by the choir at Wells Cathedral.

Hey, now that they’ve crushed my search engine rank, I can post all the hymns I want. So the hymn shop’s open all day, every day, and we love to post your hymn requests.

‘The Lord’s My Shepherd, I’ll Not Want’

Aided by a deft use of technology, John Campbell sings a four-part harmony to bring this hymn to life: The Lord’s My Shepherd, I’ll Not Want. It can’t possibly be as easy as it looks. But it’s a new way to glorify God.


By Request, ‘Some Through the Waters, Some Through the Flood’

I’m so glad I saved this hymn request from Susan for now, after all the frustrations of the morning–Some Though the Waters, Some Through the Flood, sung by Travis Cottrell.

Pillar of fire, pillar of cloud: but now God leads us by His enscriptured Word, by hymns, by the beauty and the glory of His handiwork that we see all around us, and by the ministration of the Holy Spirit and the promise of Christ’s Kingdom.

This is what we need to remember: trust in the Lord.

‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’ (Cathedral choir)

This is the 23rd Psalm set to music and sung by the choir at Wells Cathedral, England. Some of us first heard it as the theme song to an anything-but-reverent British comedy, The Vicar of Dibley. But the hymn will stay with you longer than the comedy.

Blessed By His Goodness and Mercy

From Dawn’s “Drawing Closer to Christ” blog. We are not alone.   –LD

By Request, ‘He’s All That I Need’

Requested by Erlene: He’s All That I Need, by Carroll Roberson. Inspired by the 23rd Psalm. “Jesus is all that I have, and all that I need..”

Stuart Townend Sings Psalm 23

I did know that Stuart Townend, with Keith Getty, co-wrote In Christ Alone–so that’s a major achievement, so many people already love that hymn. But this is the first I’d ever heard him sing: the 23rd Psalm, set to music by Stuart Townend.

You already know the words.