The State of My Mangled Elbow

I was going to display a photo of a road burn injury, which is what I have, but all those pictures were really too disgusting. So here’s a nice, pretty Fiji Island iguana instead.

Ah! I get to sit down! That is, somewhere other than behind the wheel of my car.

The doctor says my elbow is coming along okay, and the time has come for starting to move my right arm and do a few things with it. I just bumped it a few minutes ago and the pain gave me an out-of-body experience. It also deterred me from my plan to wrestle with the vacuum cleaner. I mean, it was inevitable–right?–that sooner or later I was bound to bump this elbow.

You can help me feel better by getting someone, anyone, to order my books. Use trickery if necessary, or even threats. Just kidding.

Well, back to work–gotta cover some nooze.

8 comments on “The State of My Mangled Elbow

  1. Oh my goodness! That must’ve really hurt 🙁 Couldn’t you keep it in a sling till it’s a bit more healed up? I know that’s a bit awkward, but it may save you a mishap. Glad to hear it’s healing up.

    1. While I understand it’s good advice and its not good to let our bones get ‘creaky’, the doctor isn’t the one moving around bumping a sore elbow. Well, I suppose you’ll just have to try to be extra careful. That’s not always easy, especially when we’re distracted. It must be a bit trickier to give Robbie her daily treatment too.

  2. Had a sore arm a few months ago. Not only did I bump it but other people did to. Si I know how you feel.

  3. Well, I don’t have any specific “sore” places, I just ache and hurt everywhere every time I move, My younger son, however, recently had surgery on his shoulder, so I know what messed up joints look like.
    Actually, while I was awake at 1:00AM, I did pray for book sales for you.
    Let us see what happens.

  4. Ah man, that sounds painful! Hope you heal up quickly.
    By the way, you know that the law of the universe is, if you’ve hurt yourself everything magnetically gravitates to the hurt area. That’s why, if you stub your toe, it will get stepped on five times in the next hour, while the rest of your toes are completely untouched.

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