Airline Passengers Brawl at 20,000 Feet


I don’t have video of the melee aboard the airliner, but this ought to give you an idea of it.

Hey! Remember when airline travel was considered glamorous? You dressed up for it. People thought you were hot stuff.

If you think civilization is all right, nowhere near terminal, consider this story:

Supposedly upset because he wasn’t allowed to drink or smoke in-flight, some jidrool started pissing on another passenger, who took exception to it, touching off a mid-air free-for-all that forced the pilot to find a landing place toot-sweet ( ).

It was an Air France jet on a flight from Algeria to Paris, as reported by The Daily Mail. Not one of those U.S. jetliners where they change the baby’s diaper on the dinner tray.

So… what was that guy thinking? “Won’t let me drink an alcoholic beverage, eh? Won’t let me smoke? Well! That leaves me no alternative but to make like I’m a dog and this other guy’s a fire hydrant…”

They’re out there. More and more of them every day. And I say it’s our krazy kulture that’s making people crazy.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

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  1. ‘Civilization’ seems to be a misnomer. How do human beings even dream this stuff up? Pity the poor soul who was the ‘target’ of this barbarian.

    1. I’d be inclined to go with you, Erlene. We’d probably find safer and more peaceful company there.

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