My Answer (Part 1)

If I really, for sure, knew the answer to this question, I wouldn’t be sitting here. But for now, at least, I’m more in the role of a watchman trying to wake people up.

I want to answer you carefully, because you’re entitled to a careful answer, and trying to come up with one is pertinent to my ministry.

Let me start by addressing “separation of church and state,” which our country’s founders never envisioned as a means of driving Christianity out of public affairs and making government the exclusive province of unbelievers.

In fact, we got along quite well for most of our history before anyone realized that the First Amendment gives atheists the right to shut down all public expression of religious belief. Or at least of Christian belief: in my neck of the woods, atheists got rid of our town’s century-old Christmas parade, but don’t seem at all bothered by the annual Hindu festival.

The American people and the American church are to blame for allowing this state of affairs to develop.

If most Americans belong to your Group C, which I grant seems likely, then they won’t care, may not even notice, when Group B goes around Christian-bashing.

But how did so many of us wind up in Group C?

I think it’s because too many of the churches, for 100 years and more, sank into self-involved pietism first and then went on to mutate into “seeker-friendly” houses of entertainment, or even into heresy or outright paganism. About ten years ago I wrote a series of articles about paganism in Mainline Protestant denominations. [Note: most of those articles are available in this blog’s Archives.] It was pretty bad then. I doubt it’s gotten better since.

Long-range, I believe we need political victories which will eventually result in a Supreme Court whose members don’t see themselves as on a mission to disable Christianity and Christians, and who will have the courage to reverse certain abuses. We will also need both national and local leadership that embraces America’s Christian foundation instead of rejecting it.

Short-term, though, Job One has got to be to get Christian children out of teachers’ union-controlled, anti-Christian public schools. Without that, no other victories can be sustained and built upon, in the unlikely event that any victories are won at all. The anti-Christian Left has long known that controlling the culture leads to control of everything, politics included, and they have succeeded in totally dominating public education.

Christian-friendly “reform” of the public school system is simply not possible. It’s too far gone.

Tens of millions of Christian children need to be taken away from those schools and given Christian educations, either at home or in a Christian school. Homeschooling has never been easier or more practicable than it is today, and it will get easier still, less costly, and more efficient as the technology continues to improve and more and more people are involved in it.

Homeschooled children, by the way, routinely outperform the publicly schooled in every academic area.


Everybody, please feel free to weigh in on these discussions with comments of your own. And pray for me to find good answers to the questions.

I fervently hope this isn’t boring for you. But if it is, blame my editor–it was her idea for me to post this material. And I guess you could blame me, too, because I thought it was a good idea.


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  1. Lee, I home schooled all of my kids 1 thru graduation. And for a while I was of the belief that we could all turn this a round in a few generations of home schooling.But I have came to see that a major Christian doctrine, which the world has abandoned , teaches us the futility of trying to improve ourselves . The doctrine I refer to is Total depravity . And while I am not denominationally a classic 5 pointer. A lot of the politically active folks are. Since they are of the Covenant theology department. that being said I have come to realize that since when was my job to make the world better? I am to allow Christ to change me! I am by nature totally depraved as is everyone else. If it were not for the influence of the Holy Ghost I would be as wicked as the lost. My children have my nature and Adams , they must let Christ change them. Even if the entire world was converted the world would still be cursed until
    Christ removes the curse and sits down on his throne. The hope for mankind and the world is not a human movement of self improvement , but rather a divine intervention by the rightful king. Till then I will stand myself and with others as a voice to warn the world , not that they should follow moral principles but that they should repent of their sins before it’s too late and the King returns in wrath. My hope is in Christ only . No I don’t mean we should silently submit to evil either but I just mean NO MAN at all , regardless of how Godly he is can turn this train wreck of a country around . We could do better no doubt , but human nature does not reverse with out massive bloodshed. The wickedness and evil we have allowed to take root in our society can never be removed by man with out someone becoming a bloody dictator. I fear many Christians would happily support a right wing regime of forced righteousness(see how that worked in Geneva, and Plymouth Bay Colony). As though God would be pleased with us rounding up and killing all of the most wicked people.
    I am not a pacifist and I am pro death penalty.But still the kingdom is his and he will correct it. If that is out task then we are in deep trouble and better be starting an armed revolt right now.

  2. Amen and Amen!

    This isn’t boring, Lee. Sad, but not boring.

    How have we allowed these Tavistockian groups to rewrite our first amendment, take over our schools, take over our churches – and ultimately our society?

    It surely will be a long, arduous road to bring this nation back to its Judeo-Christian roots and the churches must extract themselves from Laodicea. Our children have been kidnapped by pseudo educators otherwise known as indoctrinators.

    None of it can or will be accomplished without God.

    Probably because I’m 67 years old (68 next month) and remember when God was reverenced in our society, in our courts and in our schools, I grieve for our children and our nation – a nation that is now under Divine Judgment.

    Remove God, break down families, create a ‘do as thou wilt’ mentality and soon they achieve their evil goal.

    1. We do remember a better country than what we have now, and it would be pretty sad if there were none of us around to bear witness to it.

      Who knows what God will do? But while we’re waiting for Him to do it, we can try to do our best. Who knows how He will use it?

  3. Thank you for this series of your Views and Answers, you are more than qualified to meet the challenge Bro. Lee. I will be reading each part and if I may also post it in my Facebook Timeline Wall. Thank you.

  4. I do agree the church is to blame, at least in part, for allowing these things to transpire without putting up a fight. But the enemy has also been cunning and persistent. They sowed their seeds over a century ago, and now it’s bearing it’s bad fruit.

    Reversing the trend will be no easier matter. You are right that if you control the culture you control everything. It has a trickle up effect that eventually permeates the highest powers in the land. The cultural Marxists found this out a long time ago. They have worked their way up into positions of influence in academia, media, entertainment, and politics. We could use these same tactics to our benefit, but it would take a concerted effort and decades before things turned around, and I don’t believe we have that time. Homeschooling is good, but that window is closing. In Germany, for example, it’s already illegal to home school, and it’s coming here. They want total control, and they won’t stop until they get it.

    We are very much coming into a world that mirrors what they early Christians had to endure. A paganistic culture where life was cheap, violence abounded, perversions were prevalent, and Christians were persecuted. The Early Christians dealt with it by preaching the gospel and practicing civil disobedience regardless the cost. That may be what it comes down to again. They didn’t quit in spite of it all, and neither can we.

    Personally I don’t think we are going to be able to fix things in our own strength, it’s gotten too big. This is something God Himself will have to deal with personally, and He will. But it will get much worse, before it get’s better. I believe this is all heading toward “the” tribulation, but that’s another topic altogether.

    1. Homeschooling was outlawed in Germany under Hitler. That law was never repealed.

      I’ll try to say more when I get back from the doctor.

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