Depravity Break: NARAL

So it seems there was a Doritos ad shown during the Super Bowl that has the abortion fiends at NARAL crying bloody murder ( ).

Now, get this. Do you know what the ad’s big offense was? Can you guess what NARAL is protesting?

No–you’re sane, and that mean you’d never guess it. So here it is:

The Doritos ad was morally offensive, according to the Total Depravity poster boys at NARAL, because it used “the antichoice tactic of humanizing the fetus.”

Humanizing the fetus.

As if the unborn baby isn’t human.

If they gave an Oscar for moral imbecility, NARAL would have just won it.

8 comments on “Depravity Break: NARAL

  1. Almost daily, you seem to find a way to challenge my ‘now I’ve heard everything’ notion. The demonically-inspired insanity and obscenity of NARAL is way over the top – much like our leaders and the leaders of many other nations. It’s difficult to imagine how much lower they will all sink, but I’m quite certain they’ll figure it out. That seems to come naturally to them.

  2. I saw the ad, and it was cute. Kind of stupid, but cute. However, I love that it made all those ‘pro-choice’ idiots foam at the mouth.
    ‘They used the anti-choice tactic’. Oh really? Did they? Boo-hoo you little murderous crybabies. Big fat boo-hoo.

    1. Laura, I didn’t see the ad (until Lee posted this), but I sure like your reaction to the ‘murderous crybabies’!

  3. What really gets me is when long-running, pitiful, crying ads appear time and time again, begging for money and other support to stop animal cruelty. Even if I were filthy rich, I would not spend a dime on this stuff, not until they put human children first. Not that I favor any cruelty against anyone or anything. It is unconscionable to torment or even neglect any of God’s creatures, but PLEASE, let us get our priorities properly aligned, before taking on a crusade to show our “great compassion” for the helpless. Unborn babies are more deserving of our concern than animals.

  4. I watched the Super Bowl, but rarely watch the commercials, I’m there for the game, darn it!; however this Super Bowl we were over at the neighbor’s place and there was no way around watching the SB commercials. I liked this one so much. It was quite cute. I never once thought it would be controversial, as with a nearly term pregnant women you expect the baby in her womb to move around. Both of my boys did quite a bit of moving and kicking and such!

    Guess that just makes me abnormal, at least according to NARAL!

  5. It’s makes me sick to see the ways that our country is declining. 70 years ago, if you mentioned abortion, people would ask if you were crazy! Mothers would never want to kill their unborn children!The Bible even says that this is going to happen! That the natural affection between a mother and her child, a man and a woman, men and men, women and women, would go against God’s Word. And every time I look around I see that happening! What has happened to America?!?

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