Don’t Forget the Comment Contest

Okay, I’m back from the doctor. She says I’m healing just fine, I’ve turned the corner. So I can for the time being dismiss that from my mind and get back down to work.

Meanwhile, there are less than 200 comments to go before someone posts No. 5,000 and wins a free book, autographed. Think what a collector’s item that’ll be if by some miracle my books take off and I become as famous as Tolkien. Lord of the Rings sat on the shelves for 12 years before the world discovered it.

Not that I’m trying to become famous. I’m too old for that. But I wrote my books to be of service to the Lord, and they can’t do that unless people read them.

So, folks, waddya say? Let’s get those 5,000 comments.

If you’re new to this blog, or if you haven’t commented before–well, don’t be shy, the contest is open to all.

If you’re wondering what my books are about, just click “Books” at the top of the page.

And don’t forget, I also take requests for hymns to be posted here.

6 comments on “Don’t Forget the Comment Contest

  1. Elbows are such a tricky place to heal, like knuckles. Every motion, tends to cause slower healing. Glad to hear you’re getting there, Lee.

    I do have a hymn request: ‘How Firm A Foundation’.

    1. Both are probably true – we don’t want to stiffen up by limiting our motion, but the outer wound tends to re-open somewhat, causing it to heal a bit slower and stay sore longer. Talk about a two-sided argument 🙂

      Thank you, Lee.

  2. hmmm, this story comes to my mind. When my granddaughter was 3 she asked my mother (her great gran) if she ever got angry. My mom replied that, yes, sometimes she did get angry. In fact, she said, just the day before while attempting to hang a picture she hit her thumb with the hammer and that made her angry. My granddaughter was quiet for a few seconds then she said, “well Gramma Helen, maybe you are too old to use a hammer”. Maybe you are too old to be riding a bicycle? Just kidding, Lee. Keep riding for those of us who really are too old. ha ha

    1. My doctor says I can!
      By the way, you should have seen some of the things my Grammie could do when she was in her mid-nineties.

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