Dont Nock Sceince!!

My prefesser he sayed a reely wize thing today, he sayed anyone who dont beleave in Sceince shuld ouhgjt to be put in a Camp or else maybbe get shot.

I meen how can yiu dout Sceince wehn its alyaws true??? In fact only facts of Sceince are true! Evrything els is jist somboddy’s Opinnion and yuo can tel that becose they is no Proofe for anythin like that. Hear in the collidge us interllecturals al know that and everboddy else shuld jist shut up!

Now thay saying thare is a lot of sceintiffic Fruad and that when my prefesser he sayed that wize thing. It aint Fraud he says wehn yiu teling dum ordinary peple What Thay Neede To Here!!! And i am gladd he sayed that becose al this bad talck abuot Sceince it made my antenners spin aruound until it hurt! They gived me another Shot of moth Hormoans last night and i am stil sore. but i got to do it becose my folks thay wont pay no more monny for me to be in Collidge and this way i get to stay for free as long as thay doin exspearmints on me.

Wel It aint Fraod if a interllectural is sayin it! or a sceintist! and yiu shuld al jist get that threu yore heads!!

7 comments on “Dont Nock Sceince!!

  1. Help me out here, Joe Collidge. Why do you trust a professor who gives you hormones that make you grow antenners and eat hats? Is that science fact, too?

    1. Let me twist your antenners a little. If science is ‘fact’ and you don’t have any facts in an experiment (except for the fact that it’s an experiment with no facts), how will you know when it’s over?

    2. Very collegiate of you, Joe. It must be dinnertime. You’re getting ornery and a bit defensive. You better go eat a hat – or maybe the tablecloth.

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